Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 14 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada last night offered up another fun eviction show (read our recap here) even though we all knew how that one was going to turn out. The votes were cast and another HG was evicted. Now we’ve got a brand new HoH and it should make this week very interesting as both sides may end up thinking they’re in control.

Watch Big Brother Canada episode 14 below and get caught up on the latest.

Remember, there’s some craziness going on in the game right now so production has turned off the Feeds until after Sunday night’s show. Go enjoy your Easter weekend! On top of that, when things resume we’ll find out what happened with the latest PowerShift twist though from website leaks we believe it has something to do with a “Double HoH.” Any guesses on how that’ll impact the game?