Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Off Until Sunday

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds

Update: We’ve got spoilers from a brief Feed leak if you’re interested.

Since yesterday evening the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds have been turned off in preparation for some fast moving action in the house and big surprises for the remaining houseguests.

A “surprise eviction,” according to the Feeds’ message, is going to take place and right now all we know is that Topaz is in charge of those nominations. That means nominations, Veto comp & ceremony, an eviction, and a likely new HoH comp will all take place in the next few days and leave a lot of surprises for us as well.

If you were planning to watch the Feeds this weekend then you’ll be disappointed, but think of this as a forced Easter break to get out there and enjoy yourself.

The Feeds will return on Sunday night after the next Big Brother episode airs on Slice. What we’ll find when the Feeds return is anyone’s guess. We’ll keep an eye out for any leaks or spoilers along the way, but otherwise it could be a quiet few days.