Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6 Feed Leaks

Big Brother Canada Memory Wall - Week 3

As we’ve come to expect from Big Brother Canada in its debut season, the Feeds never manage to really stay off when they’re supposed to which means we’ve got spoilers for you. Avert your eyes if you want this to remain a surprise for Sunday’s episode.

AJ Burman Big Brother CanadaWhen the Feeds returned briefly last night there were some obvious changes. Keep in mind this is a surprise double eviction week for the HGs so everything from Thursday’s episode has already changed. First up was AJ’s absence which we believe to mean he’s been evicted. That didn’t go smoothly either.

According to reports there is a rift between Alec and Topaz. Topaz, who became HoH on Thursday, nominated AJ & Andrew with Andrew being the main target. Alec didn’t comply and instead voted for AJ to go home. So now Topaz and Alec are fighting or at least at odds in the house which pushes her farther in to Gary’s corner.

After barely avoiding eviction Andrew made a comeback and snagged the next Head of Household. We’re not sure who he’ll nominate or if that’s even happened already. Sounds like Andrew maybe possibly nominated Gary and Topaz. Maybe not. He could just be considering them like he was considering Emmett & Jillian as noms.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more Big Brother spoilers for you from the Feeds or other leaked sources ahead of Sunday’s show.

In the meantime, you can watch the captured video from last night’s “oops” leak event where the Feeds appeared on just one camera for almost fifteen minutes.

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  1. Hahah frick that’s nuts people really need to put up Alec and Peter already. Hopefully idk if it’s gonna happen but Topaz and Gary should team up with Emmet and Jillian be the smartest thing. Kind of weird nobody going after strong players though guess everyone still in that while house alliance thing.

    • I agree, it is weird that no one is going after the strong’s like they think they’ll carry them to the end… But I’m a fan of the shield, so I’m happy no one has gone after them yet. However, Alec is putting a bigger target on his back with every competition that they win..

      • They’re playing a very personal game – you didn’t do what I wanted, so now I’m going to vote out someone you like – instead of playing a smart game. It’ll end up with Alec, Peter or Emmett (not really the same as the first two, mind you) in the finals.

  2. The part I missed watching the feed is Gary telling Alec to target Emmit. Guess the Gary/Emmit final 2 deals a shame. I really hope these 2 approach Andrew to backdoor Emmit. Emmit learns Alec as well as Gary want to backdoor him could be good fireworks. What can Alec say if Emmit confronts him with that. PS how does Alec(aka the master…mind of nothing) think he gets Emmit’s jury vote? Alec is thicker than a brick wall. You need votes to win the money donkey! Andrew was just targeted by Gary and Topaz he is now going to backdoor Emmit. Not seeing that happening personally. Anything is possible. Alec over thinking/not thinking is going to get his cry baby a$$ on the block if he doesn’t shut the F*** UP!! His game is so bad!

    Topaz says vote 1 way you don’t do what the GF wants what do you think is going to happen? Go sleep on the couch genius! You save Andrew who is not part of either of your 2 4 player core alliances. That’s some kind of strategy….NOT!!!

    Maybe I’m wrong on Andrew but I think the logical move is Topaz/Gary as Gary has made it clear he wants Andrew gone for awhile now. The wildcard being Emmit. Whether he still buys into his final 2 deal with Gary and whether Gary can orchestrate a backdoor move on Emmit. I really hope Andrews a stand up guy. Alec and Gary approach him to backdoor Emmit. He tells Emmit and they have a serious chat about taking out these folks. 1 goes HOH now. If Jillian and Emmit could win the next 2 HOH we could have the 2 stoogies plus Emmit and Jillian in the top 5. I honestly never thought Alec was this stupid! I never thought he was a great player but that said him choosing a strategy to align with Gary when Andrew is HOH is pure stupidity.
    I need the noms leaked ASAP…lol
    Emmit not nominated doesn’t mean he’s safe mind you with Gary’s POV power in play. It’s what happens when the HG names are picked out of a bag. If Gary is on the block with Topaz and he removes Emmit from playing POV you’ll know then the deal is done to backdoor Emmit. The feeds Monday are super important to see how POV plays out. Gary only uses the power to keep Emmit from playing in the POV if he knows Andrew will renom Emmit. It’s a rough ride til the POV results and veto ceremony are played. And as I just realized POV should be played Sunday with ceremony on Monday. Get the feeds back up please! hehehe
    Just to add 1 further detail. If Gary is looking to win the money he needs jury votes also. Backdooring is generally consider gutless and cowardly unless alliances are already at war with each other. Backdooring Emmit who you have had an alliance with since day 1 means you can kiss his jury vote plus AJ’s good bye. Gary would need 4 of the remaining 5 jury members to win the money. Backdooring to send folks to the jury is a bad idea in general. If Gary is smart he never mentions the subject to Andrew. How he keeps Andrew from nominating him is a different matter all together.

    • I’m pretty sure Gary POV thing could only been used during Topaz hoh reign though, so I think that power is done now. Gary should not try to backdoor Emmit. Him and Topaz should team up with Emmit and Jillian. It makes no sense for them to trust Alec now since he voted out AJ to save Andrew. And now Andrew the person Topaz and Gary wanted out now put Gary and Topaz on the block. I don’t see any reason why Gary or Topaz would work with them now. What Anrew should do is veto one of the nominations, and put Peter or Alec on the block. And have the Gary/Topaz alliance fight with the Peter/Alec alliance stir trouble up there to try and get Emmet and Jillian Vote, and then have those two sides battle it out while Andrew sits in the middle and watches. It be stupid for him to side with any one alliance at this point because he would be the last man out, so why not try to have them fight each other till final 3

      • Some truth in most of what you say. But if you can find the 12 minutes the feeds were back on look for the part where Gary is in the have not room and Alec comes in. There are 2 main topics of discusion. The 1st is why Topaz won’t talk to Alec. That’s of course because he voted out AJ against her wishes.
        The second is a part of the convo I couldn’t make out but several on the net say is Gary and Alec talking about backdooring Emmit and the convo definately appears to be after AJ was evicted. The Twist may have been no POV comp but rather a straight vote after noms. I’m simply guessing on this part. But it has been suggested by several that Alec was explaining to Gary that nominating Emmit would garuntee Emmit a spot in the POV comp. Gary’s power cannot remove HOH or the 2 noms from competing.
        As to the nom process it’s interesting strategy to remove Gary or Topaz and put up Alec/Peter. Presuming Gary/Topaz go up initially. Gary could win his way off the block then Andrew has to renom someone. As long as it is not Jillian/Emmit you could get a war over it… maybe. But if Peter is the renom(terrible decision) rather than Alec i think who goes home won’t change the natural tendency for the 3 left to get back working together. Gary goes Topaz runs right back to Alec. Gary will have burned his bridges with Emmit if he does approach Andrew about a backdoor and Emmit finds out. Not everything about picking sides will resolve by Thursday but some aspects may become clearer.

        • That’s a good point about maybe there was no POV. It would make sense as I don’t think there was any mention of one. But in the leaked footage during the convo between Alec & Gary re:backdooring Emmitt it is clear that Gary can still use his power. Silly and not important, but what I want to know is how this affects our predictions on the slice website! I want to maximize my points!!

          • It’s a great point regaurding the Game points. I played it straight up. AJ, Andrew noms. I did choose Gary to win POV even thouh I don’t think there was a POV and AJ evicted. Truth is until the feeds are back we won’t know new noms or POV results even though they have been played by air time on Sunday night. They are unlikely to show any post HOH footage IMO.
            Your other option is to choose Topaz/Gary but that cannot be the answer as Topaz is HOH on the game screen. I’d roll AJ/Andrew noms and anyone you choose POV as no other way to treat it and AJ gone

          • It maybe if POV was played it could be Alec won. This is a unconfirmed rumour from another forum. Not much in hard info to give you. I went AJ/Andrew noms and AJ evicted personally
            I should warn you this site also mentioned Gary using his POV power on Emmit when I believe it was pretty clear on the 12 minute feed Gary still has that power and POV comp is usually Sunday I believe.

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