Big Brother Canada: Week 6 Special Eviction Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the series returns with a special eviction episode plus a lot more is crammed all in to one quick hour on Slice at 9PM.

Last we saw the HGs Topaz had just become the new Head of Household and was set to make her nominations. What the HGs didn’t expect was a rapid, double eviction week heading their way.

From what we discovered on the Feeds leak the other day the next eviction has already taken place and the HGs competed for another HoH (spoilers). What we don’t know is who was nominated in the next round or what’s going on with the Veto competition.

I’d expect tonight’s show to cover the nominations, Veto, eviction, and new HoH. That’s a lot of Big Brother to cover in just an hour, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they could do it.

Are you ready for more Big Brother Canada tonight? It should be an exciting show!