Big Brother Canada: Week 6 Surprise Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Right now on Big Brother Canada we’re getting a special surprise eviction for week 6 in the house and this is going to be exciting. By the end of the night we’ll have confirmed who was evicted over the weekend and who is the latest HoH.

Starting things off the new Head of Household, Topaz, is called to the HoH room. She doesn’t know this is about to happen, but she’ll have to name two nominations in a “private” conversation with Arisa. Topaz believes she’s having a private conversation with Arisa, but the rest of the HGs can watch the entire thing on the main room television. Gary is yelling that they can hear her because they think it’s a mistake. I’d agree. This is brutal and tantamount to the other HGs getting to watch her DR sessions (a la Danielle in BBUS 2). Wow. The HGs are all listening to her debating who to nominate. Wow.

The HGs continue to listen in as Topaz talks herself through a 5-minute limit before she has to give Arisa the names of two HGs she’ll nominate. Her time is up and she reveals she’ll nominate…

Big Brother Week 6 Nominations:

  • AJ
  • Andrew

Topaz is asked to explain her nominations to Arisa, and again thinking this is private, she says AJ is a pawn and Andrew is her real target.

Arisa sends Topaz on down to the living room to meet the other HGs. She doesn’t know they were listening in the whole time. This should be fun. Surprisingly, no one is saying anything yet. Arisa lets Topaz in on the secret. Talla confirms they heard everything.

This is an instant eviction night. No Veto competition. No chance to save themselves or campaign. The voting is set to begin and will decide who will be the first jury member.

Big Brother Week 6 Eviction:

  • Emmett: votes to evict AJ
  • Gary: votes to evict Andrew
  • Peter: votes to evict AJ
  • Talla: votes to evict Andrew
  • Alec: votes to evict AJ
  • Jillian: votes to evict AJ

By a vote of 4-2, AJ has been evicted tonight from Big Brother Canada.

Now we’re watching the house fallout over Topaz’s private thoughts being broadcast to the HGs. That’s beyond messed up. The first person evicted tonight goes to Jury and now production pulls that move? Wow.

Time for a new HoH! The HGs have to guess who said each quote from their DR. Luckily they’re all evicted HGs.

Big Brother Week 6.5 HoH – “Diary Room Confessions”

  • After a few rounds Andrew and Talla are tied for the lead.
  • Everyone gets the last question wrong so on to the tiebreaker.
  • Andrew is closest to guess the # of yellow balls.

Andrew is the new Head of Household! Congrats to Andrew.

Andrew picks the Have-Nots for the week: Peter, Gary, Topaz, and Emmett. Emmett has a slop pass so he’s okay. Gary starts crying, seriously crying, and runs out of the backyard and in to the bathroom toilet stall.

Gary goes up to Andrew’s HoH room and finds out Andrew is going to nominate Gary and Topaz with Topaz as the main target. A moment later Andrew says he’d go after Emmett and Jillian. Andrew is all over the place and confuses the situation. Let’s see if we’ll get his nominations tonight. Yep! Here we go.

Big Brother Canada Week 6.5 Nominations:

  • Topaz
  • Gary

Andrew says he’s revenging AJ’s eviction by nominating Topaz and since Gary supports Topaz he has to be nominated as well.

Time to watch the Feeds and find out what has happened with the Veto! Keep an eye on our Big Brother Canada spoilers to find out!


  1. Wow a person leaves their life to go on a game show. Why wasn’t Aj or Andrew given the opportunity to get off the block. Not fair. The only people in big brother history that are cheated out of the power of veto. Not fair to them! Don’t mind the twists in the game but would rather that EACH player have a fair chance.

    • I agree with you. That wasn’t fair. And not that I like Topaz, but it’s pretty bad they all got to hear what she was thinking and she didn’t realize it. But then again, it’ll make for more interesting tv.

    • I am the first person to admit I am no Topaz fan but it was really unfair to air what she was saying to the other houseguests. You are so right Disappointed in Ontario, they should all be given a fair chance. It seems like on a “whim” production decides to screw certain players over. I wonder if they were sick of Topaz sleeping and ignoring warnings? Other houseguests said she constantly broke rules in the house. Makes you wonder.

    • As a big fan of BB for years, i am almost always p.o’d at the way the show is manipulated… but it happens constantly and as long as you realize this is a game with no real rules set out beforehand and is always steered around whichever way the producers want it to go, i’ve learned to just relax and take it for what it is … (entertainment ?, fixed ?, not really a reality show?, fake? all of the above !)

  2. Get just watched the episode pretty nuts I like that they are trying to make it different from USA one but are you serious. Letting the hg hear everything Topaz said is absolutely ridiculous I don’t care if she talked out loud even still that so cheap her game basically screwed. And I don’t agree with no veto comp not only did that screw topaz because she said she wanted to backdoor someone but AJ wasn’t even given a chance to save himself such BS

    • I think its kool that BB Canada is now so much different than all the U.S. version… secretly exposing the innermost thoughts of the hoh to the other hg’s… nice…. eviction without the chance at a pov… rad. Next, the moose in the hallway will just hand out a get off the block free pass…

    • I agree ! I know Big Brother Canada is attempting to separate themselves from the other Big Brother shows, however, in my opinion this move was totally unfair to Topaz. A classless move by Big Brother.

  3. lame!! now the HGs are not going to be honest in the diary room because they will have lost all trust in production

    • The game is winding down fast and secrecy is now super important… any HG that didn’t learn a lesson tonight about loose lips sinking ships, deserves to go “down”

  4. Production basically just showed the entire house her dairy room plans. I don’t understand why they had to show her thought process she got screwed but wow no veto that’s bush league and I feel bad for AJ how can you not have a veto honestly though!

  5. wow that was just plain ridiculous!! How could they put two people up with a chance to play for veto? How could they do that to Topaz, letting everyone hear her thoughts. That was completely unfair!!! WOW…

  6. If I was a house-guest I now wouldn’t feel safe revealing my thoughts in the diary room. You don’t just have to watch out for other players, but the production crew as well.

  7. I’ve just stopped watching this show. A sad way to boost slumping ratings. Nice touch setting up parameters for us not to question terrible production, and further insult your fan base. I imagine you’ll have to delete the whole thread based on what I’ve read thus far. Way to go! Cheers to the first and last season of Big Brother Canada on Slice.

  8. Rediculious Big Brother Canada. I’m not even a Topaz fan, but her game now is beyond ruined. I think your little “secret” was cheap and unfair. I agree with the posts below, now the contestants are not going to be honest in the DR or with other house guests.

  9. Completely agree with everyone. It was totally unfair, both the Topaz though process reveal and the lack of a POV competition. Too bad, the instant nomination was a good twist, ruined by the heavy and unjust hand of production. I too, though a huge Big Brother fan, am out. I feel they have broken a cardinal rule of Big Brother, which will ruin the show. Who will talk openly *anywhere* about their plans now?

  10. I think BB screwed up Topaz’s game. Yes the object of the game is to have twist’s and turns, but I don’t even remember in BB US where there was a time the house guests could hear the HOH’s conversation with the host. Although I could be wrong. I don’t think it’s right that BB screwed up one contestant’s game. That’s not right at all. Each time during instant evictions the HOH at least has 5 minutes to consult their alliance or a private moment in the stock room or washroom. Shame on you BB!

  11. Doesn’t the Host normally tell the HOH (at least they do in BBUS) that the other house guests cannot hear them and to speak freely? Without that warning, perhaps Topaz should have kept her thoughts to herself.

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