Big Brother Canada: Week 6 Surprise Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Right now on Big Brother Canada we’re getting a special surprise eviction for week 6 in the house and this is going to be exciting. By the end of the night we’ll have confirmed who was evicted over the weekend and who is the latest HoH.

Starting things off the new Head of Household, Topaz, is called to the HoH room. She doesn’t know this is about to happen, but she’ll have to name two nominations in a “private” conversation with Arisa. Topaz believes she’s having a private conversation with Arisa, but the rest of the HGs can watch the entire thing on the main room television. Gary is yelling that they can hear her because they think it’s a mistake. I’d agree. This is brutal and tantamount to the other HGs getting to watch her DR sessions (a la Danielle in BBUS 2). Wow. The HGs are all listening to her debating who to nominate. Wow.

The HGs continue to listen in as Topaz talks herself through a 5-minute limit before she has to give Arisa the names of two HGs she’ll nominate. Her time is up and she reveals she’ll nominate…

Big Brother Week 6 Nominations:

  • AJ
  • Andrew

Topaz is asked to explain her nominations to Arisa, and again thinking this is private, she says AJ is a pawn and Andrew is her real target.

Arisa sends Topaz on down to the living room to meet the other HGs. She doesn’t know they were listening in the whole time. This should be fun. Surprisingly, no one is saying anything yet. Arisa lets Topaz in on the secret. Talla confirms they heard everything.

This is an instant eviction night. No Veto competition. No chance to save themselves or campaign. The voting is set to begin and will decide who will be the first jury member.

Big Brother Week 6 Eviction:

  • Emmett: votes to evict AJ
  • Gary: votes to evict Andrew
  • Peter: votes to evict AJ
  • Talla: votes to evict Andrew
  • Alec: votes to evict AJ
  • Jillian: votes to evict AJ

By a vote of 4-2, AJ has been evicted tonight from Big Brother Canada.

Now we’re watching the house fallout over Topaz’s private thoughts being broadcast to the HGs. That’s beyond messed up. The first person evicted tonight goes to Jury and now production pulls that move? Wow.

Time for a new HoH! The HGs have to guess who said each quote from their DR. Luckily they’re all evicted HGs.

Big Brother Week 6.5 HoH – “Diary Room Confessions”

  • After a few rounds Andrew and Talla are tied for the lead.
  • Everyone gets the last question wrong so on to the tiebreaker.
  • Andrew is closest to guess the # of yellow balls.

Andrew is the new Head of Household! Congrats to Andrew.

Andrew picks the Have-Nots for the week: Peter, Gary, Topaz, and Emmett. Emmett has a slop pass so he’s okay. Gary starts crying, seriously crying, and runs out of the backyard and in to the bathroom toilet stall.

Gary goes up to Andrew’s HoH room and finds out Andrew is going to nominate Gary and Topaz with Topaz as the main target. A moment later Andrew says he’d go after Emmett and Jillian. Andrew is all over the place and confuses the situation. Let’s see if we’ll get his nominations tonight. Yep! Here we go.

Big Brother Canada Week 6.5 Nominations:

  • Topaz
  • Gary

Andrew says he’s revenging AJ’s eviction by nominating Topaz and since Gary supports Topaz he has to be nominated as well.

Time to watch the Feeds and find out what has happened with the Veto! Keep an eye on our Big Brother Canada spoilers to find out!