Big Brother Canada: Week 5 Eviction Prediction

Big Brother Canada Veto competition

Tonight on Big Brother Canada another houseguest will fall victim to the vote as we prepare for a new eviction.

This week we’ve seen the larger house alliance regain power and put it to use against the ever so threatening HG who hasn’t won a competition since she was the first to pick up a phone. That’s right, Suzette is public enemy number one this week and Alec, the current HoH, is going to make sure he gets rid of her and not that other HG, Gary, who actually wins things.

There’s little doubt that tonight we will see Suzette walk out the door with only a supporting vote coming from Gary who managed to avoid the block altogether thanks to a shaky, secret alliance with Alec. Of course Tom thought he had one of those with Gary too and we saw how that worked out for him.

Do you think the Big Brother Canada HGs are making the right choice by sending Suzette out the door? Their only other option at this point would be AJ, who may or may not be aware that he’s participating in a game show for one hundred thousand dollars.

We’ll find out for sure who gets evicted tonight during the live (not live) show on Slice starting at 10PM ET when we’ll be live blogging all the results as they happen. Join us!


  1. They should bring tom back to the show so the drama and the entertainment would be so good and let the house learn that they are boring…… Big brother should do something really good to make this show fun not boring

    • As much as seeing Tom back would have that gutless cowardly do nothing Peter pooping his pants I really think it’s unlikely. The calander suggests 9 guests and perhaps 5 or a shortened 6 weeks left There are 2 finalists and atleast 1 more double eviction week left if I have things figured correctly. Add to that this would be the last week to bring back an HG as next week the jury house starts filling up. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Though they could announce voting tonight bring the HG back next Wednesday for example then the next evicted next Thursday does go to the jury house. This is unlikely in part because the evicted HG’s have not been sequestered.
      I do also hope the only twist is the POV power Gary won. If they find any way to save Suzette or give a nominated Gary more protection I’d serious smash my prized TV(not). I actually have no 100% firm idea what any group left will on noms if they win HOH. I gotta hope we see the HOH comp results on BBAD. That will set the scheming for the next week. Soft targets are gone it’s time folks pick sides.

    • As much as i would like to see Tom back, I would prefer it if Big Brother would quit interfering so much in the game, enough already with the “new” twists introduced every time they need to help out someone, or use some goofy vote to justify some other action they want.

  2. Suzette should go home to her family, as she keeps complaining and crying that she misses her family, and how unfair the house is. Don’t let her go to jury.

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