Big Brother Canada: Week 2 Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

We’re ready for another Big Brother Canada eviction and new HoH results show and I’ll be right here live blogging the whole show so let’s find out what happens!

Of course if you can’t wait the full hour then you can check get the alleged, but not confirmed, spoilers on Twitter.

BBCA host Arisa Cox brings us up to speed from what happened on last night’s show. We should get some more drama in the house as we build up to the house vote. You all have already voted and you’re predicting a Danielle eviction which is what we’re expecting based on the Live Feed discussions.

Nominees on Big Brother Canada Week 2

Lots of scrambling for votes in the footage we’re seeing as both Aneal and Danielle are starting to sweat the eviction. Turns out Peter and Alec, using their Shield alliance and extended Quattro alliance, are going to control the votes and keep Aneal even though they don’t quite trust him.

After some silly clips from inside the house, including some very embarrassing bits about Talla having terrible gas (they say it’s the slop, but those protein shakes aren’t helping), we’re on to the voting.

  • Alec: votes to evict Danielle
  • Tom: votes to evict Danielle
  • Topaz: votes to evict Danielle
  • Gary: votes to evict Aneal
  • Suzette: votes to evict Aneal
  • AJ: votes to evict Danielle
  • Liza: votes to evict Danielle
  • Talla: votes to evict Aneal
  • Emmett: votes to evict Danielle
  • That’s enough votes. Danielle is evicted.
  • Andrew: votes to evict Danielle
  • Peter: votes to evict Danielle

By a vote of 8-3, Danielle, this week’s voluntary pawn, has been evicted. Never volunteer to be the pawn!

Arisa gives Danielle one minute to gather her things, say goodbye, and leave the house. Danielle bolts out of the living room and runs for the front door stopping for a short hug from Gary. I love shocked evictees!

Big Brother Canada HoH competition

Now it’s time to find out who will become the new Head of Household. The competition is “Popular Vote” and is the mob mentality game that was removed from the US series because it’s easily manipulated by a group working together.

  • Round 1: Topaz & Liza eliminated
  • Round 2: Talla, Suzette, & Gary eliminated
  • Round 3: Everyone is safe
  • Round 4: Alec is eliminated
  • Round 5: Everyone stays
  • Round 6: Everyone stays
  • Tie-breaker: Tom wins the guessing game

Tom is the new Head of Household! Congrats to Tom. This should make for an interesting week in the house.

What do you think of tonight’s eviction of Danielle and crowning a new HoH with Tom?