Big Brother Canada: Week 3 Nomination Anticipation

Tom on Big Brother Canada

With every new HoH comes a new round of nominations for Big Brother Canada and after last night’s competition where Tom took home the big prize in the easily manipulated Majority Rules we’re ready to predict his noms.

Of course there’s not much guesswork involved with the HoH explicitly states his intentions on the Live Feeds, but in case you missed the discussions we’ve got those spoilers for you here. If you want to remain surprised by Sunday’s Big Brother Canada episode then stop reading now.

The house is heavily split in one direction with the most houseguests taking Tom’s side, at least for this week, and are ready to join him in targeting Suzette and Gary. Those two should definitely be nominated this week unless something crazy happens between now and then.

Suzette on Big Brother Canada

Tom had contemplated nominating Suzette and Aneal with the plan to backdoor Gary, but he was nervous that Gary could win the Veto and save Suzette then neither could be on the block and Tom would fail at getting one of them out this round. With that in mind he’s going to nominate both of them at the same time.

The main target seems to be Suzette but that’s wavering and Gary could be the next evicted houseguest if he’s not careful.

Update: The more I hear the more I think Gary is the real target…

What do you think of Tom’s nomination plans for Big Brother Canada this week?