Big Brother Canada: Week 2 Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Since these “live eviction” shows aren’t really live afterall we’ll just call it the Big Brother Canada Eviction show from now on and be done with it.

This will be the second eviction of the debut season for BBCAN and from what we’ve been watching on the Live Feeds it seems like tonight’s vote is locked and ready. Just no one tell the HG that’s heading out the door because this one might be a shocker.

We’ll be here and ready to live recap tonight’s Big Brother Canada results so we can share who is evicted and who becomes the next Head of Household.

While we wait, be sure to share your eviction prediction in the poll below.


  1. Gayry is so right, BB canada is NOT about back stabbing and stuff, its like all about the special people there and geting to no them better, he’s gonna win and he’s so cool and flaming gay that he’s like everyones best buddy , theres no way he cant win . i wish all men were gay like him/her as it s so kool

  2. Having watched only BB us version, i was kinda shocked by all the swearing, mostly on the bb afterdark (so far i’ve heard all but one of the seven words you can’t say on television) , sexual intercourse (emmett & jillian), excessive alcohol consumption… etc etc… it’s awesome… but not for kids

  3. i dont agree with you, Ball licker, i think Gary is a twit and the house and myself want him gone, he does not represent NORMAL Canadians at all , he’s a strange one. The house consensus is to take him out next week…. do you even watch the show?

    • DR. WILL what do you classify as a NORMAL canadian? what gives you the power to decide whats normal? what a awful thing to say, your an IGNORANT canadian, i dont think people like you should even join in conversations, you should be tied up in someones basement and tortured!

  4. I can’t wait to see Danielle’s jaw hit the floor when Cox announces that she has been evicted… i’m shure her face will go completely blotchy then…. (her problem is nerves, not allergies (im an MD)

  5. I don’t get it with the huge amount of gayness on Canada BB… three guys either gay or effeminate, at least one girl who admits to being bi…. the moose in the hallway, obviously gay…. i want to puke….

  6. I wish was an all gay big brother or some lesbians on there just saying?

    Who thinks sue is going to walk outta the house or are they restocking the fridge lol?

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