Big Brother Canada Episode 04 Recap – Power of Veto Is Up For Grabs

Big Brother Canada

Picking up where the last episode left off in the Big Brother Canada house we get to watch the fallout from Jillian’s nominations. We’re about to run through the noms fallout and on to the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Let’s see where it takes us.

The drama ramps up thanks to Aneal who decides to bring on the tears to Jillian, Emmett, and everyone else he can corner. In the Diary Room Aneal assures us it’s completely fake, but dang it seems real and everyone seems to buy it.

Danielle and Liza start to sweat the possibility that Jillian is trying to backdoor one of them, but they’re soon outdone by Gary who thanks Jillian, in the DR, for alerting the house to his dominating Big Brother Canada skills.

Ahh the showmance. The house is fully aware of Jillian and Emmett because they don’t even try to hide it. They’re cuddling all through the house and hiding in the HoH room for extended makeout sessions. Like we’ve seen on Big Brother US, this can definitely come back to bite both of them in the ass.

“Jillett” might not be the only showmance in the house as we learn more about Liza and Tom. She says it won’t happen, but online we’ve seen her make sexual comments at him. We’ll see where that goes.

Marsha the Moose makes an appearance. No really, I’m not kidding. Peter gets caught in the hallway by the moose head and given a task to work three awkward quotes in to conversations with other HGs without being questioned. The first one goes off great when he tells Talla about a rash he’s developing. Next he tells Liza about knowing the face of a man like a sailor to the sea. No problem. Third one is a bit of a trouble. Peter can’t remember the line and it just isn’t working out but fear not because he finally works it in with Andrew. The house will be happy with him because Big Brother is going to give them all a prize, but Peter can never mention Marsha again.

It’s finally time for the Power of Veto competition. Six HGs will participate: HoH, both noms, and third selected players. Jillian draws Peter. Aneal gets AJ. Gary pulls Danielle. Liza is selected to host the competition.

The challenge is called “Oh Snow You Di’n’t” and is featured in a winter wonderland of snow. Players have to make a snowball, go around the carousel, and knock over little snowmen on the other side. This does not look easy.

Gary gets the first hit and then quickly follows it with three more! He’s way ahead of everyone as they struggle to even hit one snowman. It’s hilarious how bad everyone is at this. Of course Peter claims it’s all a sham and he’s really much better than he’s pretending to be. The others start to catch up as Gary struggles with the last few targets, but it doesn’t take much longer for Gary to secure the win and earn this week’s Veto.

Now for some fun. The HGs gather to celebrate Alec’s birthday! Which is weird because it’s not Alec’s birthday. We learn this is all part of a secret alliance “The Shield” consisting of only Alec and Peter. Both guys swear their highest alliance is with each other. This could definitely be a strong pairing.

In case we haven’t reached our daily dose of stupid Danielle is here to help. The girls are gathered in the HoH room discussing what to do about the pending renom at the Veto ceremony when Danielle offers herself up as a pawn. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Oh but it’s okay, you see, because Danielle says this is all part of her plan to later say she’ll use Jillian as a pawn but then really send her packing. This is a terrible plan.

Before we get to the Veto Ceremony Peter gets to reveal the entire house gets a ski party with lots of food and booze (including liquor, take note BBUS) out at the hot tub. This leads to more drama when Gary steals most of the vodka and runs away to enjoy it with Danielle and Talla. Drama, drama, drama ensues.

We’ve arrived at the big Power of Veto Ceremony. No surprises here. Gary uses his Veto and Jillian takes Danielle up on her offer to be a pawn. Either Aneal or Danielle will be evicted on Thursday night. Want to know where the HGs are leaning for tomorrow’s eviction? Check out our Big Brother Canada spoilers to find out.