Big Brother Canada Week 2: Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada returns tonight with a new episode on Slice at 9PM ET/PT where we’ll get to watch the hamsters scurry for a chance to win this week’s Power of Veto.

This week’s nominees, Gary and Aneal, have the most to lose when it comes to that battle but that still leaves everyone but the HoH vulnerable as a replacement nominee should the chance arise.

Right now the house is way beyond the Veto competition that took place on Saturday and left the HGs complaining about the mess Big Brother put them through. You can get ahead of tonight’s show by checking our spoilers on who won the Veto and even one step further with how the Veto Ceremony turned out.

The nominees are still a day away from eviction on Thursday night so be ready for some scrambling to secure votes ahead of the “not really live” live show that night on Big Brother Canada. We already have an idea of who will get the boot, but considering things change in the game faster than you can blink this could go either way.

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