Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest Power of Veto ceremony has come and gone quickly in the Big Brother Canada game. If you blinked then you’d have missed the Veto ceremony on Sunday evening, another deviation from the typical US schedule. These results won’t be part of the show until Wednesday night so move along if you don’t want the spoilers.

Danielle Alexander on Big Brother Canada

Jillian, the current HoH, was forced to name a replacement nominee (renom) after Gary, the winner of this week’s PoV, obviously used the Veto to save himself. Finally fulfilling our original expectations for nominations, Danielle was placed on the block.

Either Danielle or Aneal will be sent home and no one seems to safe and secure just yet. We’ll keep an eye on the house and see which way the votes are leaning ahead of Thursday’s not-so-live eviction show.

Which HG do you want to see evicted on Thursday’s Big Brother Canada?


  1. So want to be actresses shouldn’t be on BBC. Or any other BB for that matter! lol Danielle catches a break initially. Then proceeds to talk to everyone who’ll listen that she hates Jillian and wants here out. So bad… her play has been terrible. Now Aneal may actually not go home! ROFL
    Did anyone here actually watch BB USA.? You MAY want to flaunt sending someone out of the house……BUT here we have Danielle taking with everyone about getting Jillian out. She not only has the numbers but she is HOH and has a renom. Danielle recieves my honourary title as BB Space Cadet of the week! With this group you really have to shine to earn this award. Lots of contenders.

    • What gives with these people on this show? Gary and Danielle think they are going to get famous off the show, I somehow doubt it, Topaz is sleeping most of the day and some of them I even forget are still there.And where are all the comments?

      • Trying to figure out whose floating versus whose not playing is very very difficult. If it’s like BB USA the real fireworks tend to start around 10 left. They have a few weeks till the fun begins.

  2. Emmett: is playing the game He is like a bull in heat, send him home so he can fullfill his frustrations on the farm, because after their performance this week in the HOH room they definelty will try to break them up or maybe this is part of Tom’s idea.

    • Couple things on this couple. Several days ago on BBAD Tom and Liza discussed when to get rid of Jillian, Tom is definately playing the game. Liza right now is likely best position. She is probably getting info from virtually everyone. And unlike Jillian she’s been smart up til now.
      Second just wanted to mention BBAD last night has Emmit mounting Jillian for a little carnel fun. Looked like she enjoyed it! lol Perhaps the best thing going forward will be watching these 2 looking for some privacy when niether is HOH. ROFL

    • It kills me that she thinks she is going to get famous off of this show and that Jillian is jealous of her….umm it begs the question…. Why?

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