Big Brother Canada: Week 2 Nomination Anticipation

There’s a new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada and that means it’s time for a new round of nominations. The house looks to be following the US schedule with a nomination ceremony expected on Friday night and from what we’ve heard on the Live Feeds the targets have been set. Read on for those BBCan spoilers.

Jillian MacLaughlinJillian, the new Head of Household from last night’s endurance competition, has the task of naming two fellow HGs for possible elimination next Thursday. In a private conversation on Thursday night with Emmett, Jillian revealed she’s strongly considering nominating Danielle and Gary with her main target being Danielle.

Do you think this is a wise choice for Jillian? There’s lots of time for this plan to change, but if she goes through with it could Gary dodge another bullet and watch Danielle head home?

The noms ceremony is expected later tonight so we’ll keep you posted with spoilers as they’re revealed on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds.