Big Brother Canada: Week 2 HoH Results

Big Brother Canada episode 2 HoH competition

The first Big Brother Canada Head of Household competition turned out to be an endurance competition. HGs were forced to hold on to a “tree” and the last person hanging on became the second HoH (or the first real, earned HoH) of the season.

Unlike the Live Feeds in the US, this competition was not available to watch online. Instead viewers have had to piece together the winner based on conversations between the BBCAN HGs.

Read on for those spoilers or wait for Sunday’s episode of Big Brother Canada to find out who won HoH tonight.

Big Brother Canada - Episode 02

Big Brother Canada Week 1 HoH Results:
Jillian won the competition and is the new HoH. Will confirm soon. Confirmed.

Nominations won’t be far behind and whispering between the ladies might be putting the guys in the hot seat, but things change on a dime in this game so we’ll have to see where it goes next.

Stay close by and we’ll keep you posted with the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers!