Big Brother Canada: Week 1 Live Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we’re about to get the first live eviction results and the next Head of Household competition. I’ll be right here updating all through the episode.

Last night’s show ended right when the Veto competition ended with Tom winning the Veto and although we know who was renominated, thanks to the Veto ceremony spoilers, we’ll have to sit through the show playing that out.

We get some fun manufactured drama surrounding Gary and his affinity for glitter which involved such unfortunate soundbits like a room full of guys saying they all had some glitter in their mouths. Moving on. Aneal tries his best to sabotage Gary by pouring glitter all over the house, so let’s see if it works. Hint: it doesn’t.

At the Veto ceremony Tom uses the PoV to save himself. In response, Suzette puts Kat up in his place presumably for annoying Suzette to form an alliance. Either Kat or Emmett will be evicted by the end of the night on Big Brother Canada.

Kat and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

Suzette announces a reward challenge. HGs have to be handcuffed for the night and will be rewarded if they complete a task though we’re not sure what that is just yet. Not everyone is thrilled about their pairings (Tom & Gary) but then you’ve got Alec and Jillian where Alec decides this is the ideal time to take a shower…

After a few hours the HGs are unlocked and rewarded with a huge buffet of alcohol. Take note, Big Brother US.

The first showmance is revealed. Alec and Topaz are “cuddle buddies” though they try to limit the PDA. All the same it’s making some of the other HGs nervous. We’ll have to see where that goes this season and how long the house lets those two stay together.

While we wait for the first Big Brother Canada eviction results we get treated to a budding alliance. Aneal approaches Suzette and wants to work together along with a few others he’s confident he can bring in to their fold. The bond seems shaky and I’m not convinced it’ll last long.

Time for the live eviction round of votes.

  • Aneal votes to evict Kat
  • Topaz votes to evict Kat
  • AJ votes to evict Kat
  • Tom votes to evict Kat
  • Andrew votes to evict Kat
  • Liza votes to evict Emmett
  • Jillian votes to evict Kat
  • Gary votes to evict Kat
  • That’s enough votes. Kat has been evicted
  • Danielle votes to evict Kat
  • Peter votes to evict Kat
  • Talla votes to evict Kat
  • Alec votes to evict Kat

Kat evicted on Big Brother Canada

By a vote of 11-1, Kat is the first HG evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Time to find out who will be the next Head of Household. This HoH competition is called “Lumber Jack & Jill.” Everyone but Suzette can compete. Oh wow! It’s an endurance competition! HGs have to climb up on a “tree” and the last person to remain on his or her tree becomes the next HoH. Who will it be? We’ll know soon.

Update: We’ve got the HoH competition results spoilers.

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode ends with all the HGs still up on their trees so we’ll have to turn to the Live Feeds to find out how things are going. Details here on how to watch the Feeds no matter where you are.