Big Brother Canada: Topaz Vote Drama – What Do You Think?

Big Brother Canada Topaz Vote

In case you missed all the Big Brother Canada drama last night here’s the quick run down. During the Jury vote as host Arisa Cox revealed the votes one by one many of us were surprised to hear Topaz had voted for Jillian. Topaz was pretty surprised too.

After Arisa announced Topaz’s vote her hand shot up from the Jury box and she exclaimed “Wait. What? No No No!” Topaz rushed the stage and confronted Arisa while claiming someone had switched her vote. Topaz begged for a chance to switch her vote and refused to return to her seat. Arisa said there was nothing they could do.

Finally Big Brother pulled up the tape, as all things are recorded there, and was able to prove that yes, Topaz voted “for” Jillian. To make matters all that more painful for both Topaz and Gary, Jillian went on to win by just one vote. Topaz’s error lost Gary the game.

Play the video below to see the drama. The clip is forwarded to the moment of action.

Topaz casts the wrong vote on Big Brother Canada:

So how did this happen? I’m assuming after a season of voting “against” HGs Topaz kept that same mindset when placing her final vote. It’s also possible that she was simply distracted and grabbed the wrong key from the set.

What’s my take on all this? There was no way production could let her change her vote. It’s a slippery slope. Knowing how others voted could impact votes in a redo. Topaz screwed up. No one is to blame but her. It stinks for Gary, but it’s not his fault either.

Quite honestly, I didn’t like the twist of bringing a “contaminated” Jury member back in to the game. Had they all been sequestered separately, then okay, but once you let them mingle, share thoughts, compare notes, etc. then the whole thing has changed. Note that all Jury members from before the twist voted for Gary, save Topaz, while all the post-twist members voted for Jillian. So all in all, I wasn’t sorry that Jillian won on a technicality. But that’s me and now it’s your turn to share your opinion. Vote in the polls below and start a discussion in the Comments section below.