Big Brother Canada: Topaz Vote Drama – What Do You Think?

Big Brother Canada Topaz Vote

In case you missed all the Big Brother Canada drama last night here’s the quick run down. During the Jury vote as host Arisa Cox revealed the votes one by one many of us were surprised to hear Topaz had voted for Jillian. Topaz was pretty surprised too.

After Arisa announced Topaz’s vote her hand shot up from the Jury box and she exclaimed “Wait. What? No No No!” Topaz rushed the stage and confronted Arisa while claiming someone had switched her vote. Topaz begged for a chance to switch her vote and refused to return to her seat. Arisa said there was nothing they could do.

Finally Big Brother pulled up the tape, as all things are recorded there, and was able to prove that yes, Topaz voted “for” Jillian. To make matters all that more painful for both Topaz and Gary, Jillian went on to win by just one vote. Topaz’s error lost Gary the game.

Play the video below to see the drama. The clip is forwarded to the moment of action.

Topaz casts the wrong vote on Big Brother Canada:

So how did this happen? I’m assuming after a season of voting “against” HGs Topaz kept that same mindset when placing her final vote. It’s also possible that she was simply distracted and grabbed the wrong key from the set.

What’s my take on all this? There was no way production could let her change her vote. It’s a slippery slope. Knowing how others voted could impact votes in a redo. Topaz screwed up. No one is to blame but her. It stinks for Gary, but it’s not his fault either.

Quite honestly, I didn’t like the twist of bringing a “contaminated” Jury member back in to the game. Had they all been sequestered separately, then okay, but once you let them mingle, share thoughts, compare notes, etc. then the whole thing has changed. Note that all Jury members from before the twist voted for Gary, save Topaz, while all the post-twist members voted for Jillian. So all in all, I wasn’t sorry that Jillian won on a technicality. But that’s me and now it’s your turn to share your opinion. Vote in the polls below and start a discussion in the Comments section below.


  1. There is no way BBC could have let Topaz change her votes. The rules and regs are very specific and not to be changed mid-play. A slippery slope I agree. I also agree with your points about letting a jury member back in the house. Especially so late in the game. Of course the other jury members are going to say he got back in fair and square, a Big Brother twist. They wish they were in his shoes. However, when that jury member has been out of the game for a few weeks, they have no blood on their hands. They didn’t have to strategize and make those tough decisions. They didn’t have to compete. They were just sitting back. Yes, Gary was voted back in due to his likeability. And yes, he played a wicked game when he got back in. I actually don’t mind the twists of letting a player back in. But not that late after too much has transpired. I love Gary but Jillian earned and deserved this one.

  2. I Agree . It wasn’t fair to the guests still in the house to let him back in after being in the jury house. I still think the Veto was geared toward Gary, and unfair to Andrew.

  3. I think Jillian deserved the win, It was Topaz’s fault she voted wrong! good for BBC for not letting her change her vote!! I cant stand it when they let an evicted houseguest back in!!!!

  4. I agree they cannot change to votes what’s done is done…But when Arisa ask Jillian If she thought she would have won. Jillain said ”NO”. Exactly cause Gary would have won just because of a stupid idiot..poor Gary! Second place is not that bad either..Oh well it was a good season..Good job BBC!

  5. Gary was the true winner . . . he played fair and solo, not as a duo, he played hard and and beat the odds when it was 4 to 1, if Emmet really thought 1 life, he had his chance and chose not to follow through, not to sit on the jury and show his bitterness, poor sport. The twists BB added throughout the show, were the choice of the creators not the competitors. . . bring backs have been there for along time. Sharing the HOH thoughts on who should be put on the block, was a nasty twist, not nice, not fair BB.

    The vote should have been a verbal vote . . . as it was in the diary room through the show. . . no chance for any confusion. Big Brother should make it right, divide the prize . . .or put up a second prize . . . Glitter Gary all the way!!!

    • Jillian deserves it.. she worked her butt off all season long, aligning with the right people and winning comps. I love Gary, but I’m fine with him getting the $20 000 second prize from Topaz’s mistake.

    • Totally agree with you, they should had gone one by one like during eviction in the house. Gary is the true winner!!!

      • The way they did it (putting the key of the person you want to win in a box) has been the standard format for Big Brother finales in the US for many seasons. This was not a new technique, and all the jury members were familiar with it. There has never been an issue like this in BBUS. Topaz just made a groundbreaking mistake.

    • Okay how was Emmett being DQ in hoh comps any different? So lets re do all those hoh comps then. Gary shouldn’t of even been there he wasn’t even in the house for a quarter of the time! No slop, no worry about comps, no worry about nominations or evictions, how is that fair? In peter own words justice was served!

    • Shalyn3 is an idiot, Gary was evicted and came back because production wanted him to win… production overlooked the fact that on his last veto win, he didn’t complete a majority of the tasks he had to complete to win that veto, his power of veto should have been revoked and therefore andrew would have won it and Gary would have gone home a second time.

  6. I’m not a fan of either Jillian or Gary, however, I do feel that the jury has the final say. Not Arisa. Topaz wasn’t competing in a challenge so therefore had nothing to gain when casting her vote. I do think the vote should have been corrected when Topaz objected. I will also say that Canada’s Big Brother was the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. It was amateur hour all the way so I wasn’t surprised that Arisa allowed the vote to remain. Jillian won’t be able to hold her head up over this win since everyone knows she wasn’t the true winner.

    • Topaz messed it up. End of story. She made her bed she has to lie in it. If she was allowed to change her vote then all the others should be allowed to as well

    • Do you really believe Arisa makes these decisions? Lol Arisa is just the host! She has just about as much pull as the houseguests when it comes to productions decisions. Production just told her what to say, they didn’t leave the choice up to her!

      • Yay, someone said it. It’s stupid to think that Arisa has ANY say in what goes on. She talks, and only if they tell her to.

    • I agree. Topaz wasn’t in a competition; the jury was trying to make a vote that should be confirmed with each juror. They should have the say, not the production committee. It shouldn’t be that rigid. The audience should have a say too and clearly they were shouting to allow Topaz’s vote to be corrected as it was clearly a human error and easy to fix; I’m sure few people would be upset and Canada would think it fair if they let Topaz ballot be corrected.


    • I disagree, when Emmett messed up on the HOH challenge he wasn’t able to get a second chance. Jillian should not be ashamed of this win at all, fait was on her side (everything happens for a reason). Well done Jill. She played an amazing GAME.

    • Wrong.
      A vote is a vote is a vote.
      Sorry, I meant I just disagree with you,
      In a game that has provided arguable TWISTS,
      this was the best one.

    • I believe that topaz voted for Gillian not expecting that her vote would be announced as voted by her and then when it was announced it was her vote, she backtracked. If anyone was oblivious enough to screw up their vote, it would’ve been talla

  7. What a messed up BB….Gary is the TRUE winner!!! He deserved it all the way. He had the votes for real!! He was the winner regardless of Topaz’s mistake!

    You should have fixed the error and made some other arrangement for Topaz’s mistake. Gary was the real winner and you allowed the show to end this way when it was Gary’s win….Shame on you BB Canada!!!

    • No he is not he didn’t win, he wasn’t even in the house for a month! how is that a true winner? The right person won, this whole season has been like this, Gary coming back, Instant eviction, houseguets getting to see basically Topaz DR session, Suzzette being saved, and okay what about all of Emmet DQ for not understanding the comps rules how is that any different lets re do all of those then.

  8. I agree 150%, i mean 150% secure agree, it is topaz’s fault, rules are rules, and once you don’t follow the rules, bad things can happen, unfortunate for Gary to not win, it would have been great for him to win, both of them deserved to win, whats done is done, and im sure that will taunt topaz for the rest of her life

  9. I agree 150%, i mean 150% secure agree, it is topaz’s fault, rules are rules, and once you don’t follow the rules, bad things can happen, unfortunate for Gary to not win, it would have been great for him to win, both of them deserved to win, whats done is done, and im sure that will taunt topaz for the rest of her life

    • Yup. Had Topaz not wasted so much time pulling cutesy faces for the cameras and saying “150%!” she would have noticed she was selecting the wrong key from the box.

        • Would have? She didn’t. That’s like saying that I’m 150% sure that Emmett would have won the final HOH competition and sent Gary home.

  10. Jillian is the rightful winner, she played the game better as she was never voted out once! Karma forTopaz!!! But that being said Emmett should have won, but made a terrible error choosing Gary over Talia as he would have beaten her in any competition!

      • My point exactly. They should not. But you know how lawyer are. One could contact them and convince them to try.

    • SUE? LOL. “Hey, we tweaked the rules to get you BACK in, so shut up…” ~ BBC Producers response.

    • LOL

      Do you have any idea how much signing you do to go on one of those shows? PAGES. They have not a legal leg to stand on. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the pages says that BBC could sell them into slave labor.

      The production team has that so wrapped up that they can do anything they want and get away with it. They could pick the winner if they chose fit to.

  11. Jillian please do the right thing.

    As for BBC please stop doing messed things! what an embarrassment!

    Whatever ill just watch the Big Brother 15!

    • What exactly do you think is the right thing Jillian should do? Give the prize to Gary. Sorry, but Topaz screwed up and in real life, you don’t get do-overs.

    • First off, Awesome name, have an opinion, but not a name to connect it to.
      Second. Gary should NOT have even been in the final 2. His re-enterance into the house came too late in the game. He got to chill in jury for 2ish weeks and 3 evictions, plus AJ Him Alec and Topaz got to compare notes, helpful for Him when he gets shotputted into the final 5.
      If you want to bring someone back in do the BBUS way, isolate everyone evicted BEFORE jury, and when you get down to 9 people (jury starts to form) evict someone and send them home, then choose someone from the isolated group to go back in. It makes them have to fight through 7 more evictions (so not as easy to make it) and they don’t get to compare notes with anyone else, like they would sitting in Jury for a few weeks.

  12. I think Gary is the right full winner, some say thet he had been evicted and there fore not allowed to win, well sorry , but the production and Canada gave him that chance, and he made the best of it, managing to get to final two !!!
    Jillian, although winning a lot of competition, never ( as I recall) been put on the block and never had to defend her stay. Emmett was only put on the block at the beginning when No one new no one and was put by fluke on the block, after that he manipulated and cheated so many times it’s incredible…
    I was stunned when they revealed Topaz’s vote as it was clear that she was sure 150% ( remember Jillian’s promise) So clearly she was getting back at her for crossing her . She would have never ever given Jillian a vote .
    At best 2nd was a good place for her , if you take into consideration all her winnings , but left all the rest to Emmett

    • He made it two final two because if learnt all the outside information from the jury members after the game and used that to his advantage! And oh yeah being out of the house for a month and being thrown back in to final 5 also didn’t help him at all. Honestly its a joke that he even got second place money I feel sorry for Emmett battling out the whole time. And how can you complain about her for not understanding? What about all the comps Emmett didn’t understand lets go back and re do all of those as well as Topaz vote!

    • You said it… kind of… PRODUCTION GAVE HIM THAT CHANCE. They didn’t want their golden boy (girl?) out. So they gave him a free ride and put him back in. That’s HORSESH*T. Emmett is a moron for not taking Talla (even tho some would argue she didn’t really deserve to be in the final 3, but at least she was still IN the game..) because he would’ve won for sure.

      • Emmett was an idiot for not taking Talla, for a multitude of reasons. It’s about trying to win, you want to keep people you know you can beat. Garys track record was way better than Talla’s. It was insane of Emmett to evict Talla over Gary. Talla would have not stood a chance in the final 3 against Emmett and Jillian. Emmett could have won this show, Jillian in second, had he kept Talla one more round.

    • So staying off the block is a bad thing in your opinion? If I were there it would be something I strived for, and bragged about had it happened. No one nominated her for eviction, she played so well that she wasn’t on anyones top 2 for who they wanted out. She won, and won, and won some more yet still, when she was able to be nominated, avoided it. Thats a good thing, not a bad one.

  13. I loved BBC, and i loved Gary but i think it was to late when they brought him back, if they had been bring someone back do it before going into the Jury house, Congrats to Jillian she played a great game.
    Hope they do a BBG#2 but not bring someone back this time they had their chance the first time around and when your voted out stay out its not fair to the other houseguest.
    Good job BBC!!

  14. Am I the only one who thinks Topez did this on purpose? I think she screwed Gary for not saving her with the POV which caused her to be evicted from the house. I’m a big Gary fan but felt he should not have been let back in the house. An evection is an eviction. Good-bye Gary. Does Big Brother Canada not let people vote for their favourite player like the American one does?

    • No, there was no “Canada’s Favourite Player” prize. Although the way it worked out, the $20,000 Gary won as runner-up is sort of like a “favourite player” prize given that the only reason he was back in the house to win that money was because Canada voted him back into the house.

      • the vote was a sham, anyone could vote hundreds or even thousands of times , just by deleting the cookies on your computer… not to mention, the vote count was apparently done without an independant party, kinda like going to the bank and counting out your own withdrawal from the vault all by yourself… the vote thing was staged for one purpose before it even took place, to put gary back into the game somehow. Wake up and see the real picture here, the fox was in charge of the henhouse !

    • i think your on to something, just not quite, i think she voted for Jillian on purpose too, but just to get a minute of extra camera time for herself.

      everyone is talking about Topaz today, she made the finale all about her, if that’s the case, then great acting on her part

  15. Sorry to say but HAHA, I stopped watching when Gary was let back in. Oh and he was not voted back in he was played back in by viewers. Let me explain you could accumulate points by picking nominee’s evictees ect.. and 250 points was one vote towards the person you chose. So one viewer could vote as many times as his points permitted. Even with that production probably rigged it in Gary’s favor. Also funny that he wins imunity but does not complete all tasks and it slides, Glass in his eye he gets exterior contact it slides again. Back on the block yet Emmit who has played an almost perfect game and knows he is strong at comps keeps him over Talla that has not won a single thing???? You would of guessed that he would of sent Gary then sent Talla packing by smooth talking Jillian to take him to the end but Nooooo. Producers clearly showed there cards and they were all lined up for Gary. It is a shame that BBC came to this but they got caught with there pants down with a stupid mistake from Topaz. Jillian won it and thats it I am happy for her she deserved it even if it is apparent that is not what producers had planned out. I’m done with BBC not going to watch it ever again I will stick with BB USA!!!!!

    • Your comments Steve are bang on… Gary was given the golden blowjob by production this season but Topaz walked in on the glitter jizz festival and it landed on the producers faces. Awesome !

  16. I really do think she votes correctly. She voted FOR the winner. However, those keys, on a live audience stage, with the stress and all… seemed like they where hard the read (gray-green lettering on a neon-clear key). She probably just took the wrong key…
    That’s why, since the show was filmed in advance, she should have been allowed to recast her vote. I mean, the whole season she was rooting for Gary.
    Plus, Jillian, as a teacher, did not set a good exemple AT ALL during this season. Where I’m from we had a similiar kind of show and a contestant was a teacher… well after all the partying, lying and behavior… well she can’t teach anymore. Schoolboards have very strict policies about that.
    Sad Jilian… I liked her, and then it all went down hill….

    • Are you kidding me? Her game play has nothing to do with her job and she was not on Big Brother to set an example for anyone. I’m a teacher and what I do in my personal life has NOTHING to do with my job, just like what a tire salesman does in his personal life has nothing to do with his job. The nature of the game is such that you are forced to lie. Every single person in the house lied. I am sick to death of you self-righteous and judgmental people equating teachers with f-ing nuns. Seriously. I have no idea if she is a good or bad teacher and frankly don’t care, because BB and her job are two distinct things. And seriously? The schoolboard is going to fire her for playing the game? Your critical thinking skills are sadly lacking. Perhaps YOUR teachers were too busy being perfect human beings, but I think it is actually YOUR fault that are so narrow in your thinking. If you were in my class, this kind of narrow, right wing thinking would get you an F

  17. Peter and Alec played the worst game in BB History! Peter is the biggest cry baby ever and bitter!! Emmett, well he got DQ’d too many times…he needs to learn to follow the rules..not saying he was cheating just pay more attention. Gary – you got voted out already you don’t deserve second place. Jillian – straight up did it..she lied, cheated, manipulated, back stabbed and everything else what BB is all about. The jury voted over bitterness, they had a hate on for Jillian because she did what she had to do. They where the stupid ones to Trust her…seriously??? It’s BIG BROTHER. She played the game. Poor Topaz…I have no comment except TG she is dense!!! I am a fan of Andrew he was my favorite. I would have loved to see him win it and slap it in his ex GF face!

    • I have no idea what Andrew’s ex GF has to do with it, but I also would have loved to see Andrew win. Not to slap it in anyone’s face, but because I liked his game.

      • In the first episode, Andrew shared in his introduction that the woman he was supposed to marry left him.

  18. i’m glad to see both polls leaning in Jillians favor, i hope she doesn’t get any backlash from how she won, it’s not her fault Topaz made a mistake, it’s not BBCAN’s fault Topaz screwed up, only person to blame for Gary losing is Topaz.

    So don’t blame Canada, blame Topaz

  19. I don’t think Topaz made a mistake. I think she truly voted for Jillian … and didn’t count on her vote not being secret. Her initial reaction was not “Oh my god, I put the wrong block in there” … it was to deflect blame from herself about some conspiracy of “somebody switched it”. I don’t she was able to cope with the fact that she’d have to face Gary without being able to lie and say “no honey, I voted for you”

    • I agree with you!!! I think she did it on purpose…why would she say this is 150% TWICE. If she’s that dumb to do it accidentally she is a complete moron

    • I agree with EdmGuy – Topaz is sharp enough to know exactly what she was doing. It was so obvious – I was surprised that someone didn’t post this sooner. Jillian is the true winner (Gary played a good game and I like him too). Topaz will go down in history (and she knows it!). Way to go BB-Canada. I’m a true fan and look forward to the next season.

  20. The finale was very badly produced. The “secrets” they shared were so lame. Who cares about the talking moose? Share real game secrets and let us see the contestants’ reactions? Allow the house guests to speak rather than asking such pointed questions. For instance, I would have loved to hear more from Tom, especially about how he was feeling toward Emmet. But they didn’t allow for any of that kind of candid exchange. I would have loved to hear Andrew expand on how the jury house was actually more crazy. How? They just didn’t allow for anything interesting to happen in terms of “reunion” with all the evicted house guests on the finale. Had they relinquished some control and just allowed things to happen, it would have been a much more interesting finale.

  21. to bad so sad for Gary ,but happy for Jilian,rules r rules,Topaz wasn’t concentrating,it do happen,but thats life and so the show goes on,NO Topaz shouldn’t be allowed to take back her vote,imagine what that would cause,,,,congrats Jillian,,,and Gary ,Emmett you played a great game,
    ,loved Big Brother Canada can’t wait till the next one.

  22. Jury members have always been allowed back in. I’ve seen twins play and trick house guests by switching every few days. This is nothing new for big brother. The voting could not be changed and that was unfortunate. I really wanted Gary to win. The good news is he did get second place and will go on to do great things. He is an amazing role model and hopefully he will get his own line of glitter. The brick and bb sponsors should step up and award Gary too. Then everyone would be sarisfied. Keep shining Gary. Love you. Your biggest fan

    • Twins play and trick house guests by switching every few days? Not on BBUS. Has this been done in other countries? I’ve never seen this happen.

      Regardless, I think the point here is that there are no hard and fast rules for Big Brother.

          • At first, yes, they switched out every few days, and if they made it to the jury they both got to play. They were isolated when outside and played as one person. Shared their info with just each other.
            They did make it to jury, and then were voted out back to back.
            Different thing altogether though. They were not being fed information from outside sources, or evicted houseguests. Just each other, b/c they were playing as one person, and the houseguests still in the game.

    • No they haven’t they were brought in before jury! They were one of the first jury members and they weren’t evicted and got brought back in. This has never happened before only time they brought people back in was twice and they were isolated from everyone and was in the first 4 weeks.

      • I so agree…I think it was great to bring someone back but only if there were isolated….they NEVER did that in BB US….he knew too much and I think it was very unfair….the right person WON….all they other people are just poor losers, especially Peter…he’s an asshole for calling Jill an idiot….how the heck is he….Peter played a horrible game and was just jealous that he didn’t make…say want you wanna say about Jill but you all know she DESERVED it way more the crying Gary!!!

    • Why did they buy into the American concept of BB? BBUK is SOOOO much better and the BB-BOTS are so much more interesting than this dehumanizing and dehumanized series of ridiculous competitions.

      Canada has won: the country’s greatest backstabbing biatch is Jillian. Congrats (:barfer:)

  23. They did not change the rules when Emmett did not follow them, the disqualified him from Head of House Hold,, so whats done is DONE, she should have listened. Jillian played a much better game then Gary did.

    • Agreed if they re did this they would have to re do the entire game! It’s completely sad to see a jury vote for a guy, who wasn’t even in the house for an entire month basically!!! Thats like a more then a quarter of the game where he did not worry about eviction, nomination, comps, slop, and better yet lets not isolate the jury memebers lets have them learn all the information and then throw them back in. What pisses me off they didn’t even ask Jill or Gary an actual question only Emmet and Andrew did. Peter was a complete joke ahhh bud her and Emmet won like half the competitions, she could of told everyone to suck and not even play a social game when your always in power!

  24. Arisa made it clear .. Vote for who you WANT to win .. Is it reallyJillians fault that she apparently didn’t listen to the instructions given to her and made VERY clear???? .. But my opinion, Topaz did it for the drama, she knew Jillian played a better game 150% … She knew what she was doing when she casted her vote, she just made it look like it was a mistake cause of how Gary would feel .. Jillian won cause she deserved to win and Topaz needs to step up and admit she voted for Jillian intentionally .. Ppl seriously need to stop bashing Jillian .. This was Topaz all the way .. Intentional or not!!!!!

  25. Did anyone else get that sense that Emmett had a big old pout going during the finale? Clearly, he would have been upset to be voted out, but he really looked like he was pouting. I think he was so sure of himself and just didn’t see it coming.

  26. Jillian has to know she isn’t the rightful winner and shouldn’t have accepted the prize, regardless of Big Brother’s rules. It doesn’t say much for her as a person and further proves to me she isn’t a “winner”.

    • Thats stupid okay by that reasoning, all those hoh comps, and pov were Emmett was DQ, because he didn’t understand the rules either, those winners should not of accepted their hoh or pov either because there not the rightful winner.

    • How is that reflective of Jillian as a person! If anything if Gary would of won he should not of accepted it or second place prize he wasn’t even in the house for like a quarter of the entire game!!! And better yet wasn’t even isloated and learnt outside information, how is that a rightful winner or even finalist?

    • How does Topaz missing up her vote reflect on her as a person? That makes no sense, thats like saying oh a team was up in basketball and they shot a 3-pointer made it and won the game but upon review they stepped out of bounds, but oh lets give it to them anyways yeah cause thats fair.

  27. The 150 % that Topaz was blathering on about was a reference to the promise that Jillian made to her while hanging on during the iceberg challenge, that she would 150% not put either Topaz or Alec up for eviction.

  28. Gary should have won if Topaz said she made a mistake and that she didn’t mean to put Jillians name in the slot then BBC, Slice should have let her change her vote it was a mistake and I feel like Jillian wouldn’t have gotten as far as she did with out Emmott! I hate this that Jillian won and I hope that enough people make a stink about it and the right person wins! Which was Gary!

    • Jillian won more HOH’s then Emmett. I dont think he would have made it that far without her. Gary is great yes, still didnt deserve to win it all. A month of resting to come back in and win it all NO

    • And Gary placed 8th under that logic. If they are going on their merits alone (Jill can’t have Emmetts help) then Gary doesn’t get the viewing publics help.
      Jillian deserved that win, part of the show is buliding trust with the houseguests and making relationships to rely on if need be to get far. If you can get someone to help you, and help, (like Jill and Em had) great, use it.

      • If Gary hadn’t come back into the game, Jillian wouldn’t have won. Jillian made it very clear several times that, no matter what, she would’ve taken Emmett to the final two and I think Emmett would’ve taken her, too, since he knew she had too much blood on her hands and he was a really strategic player. Emmett would’ve won the final HOH, the final two would’ve been Emmett and Jill and Emmett would’ve won. Jillian still wouldn’t have deserved the title of BBCan winner or the prize that came with it.

        Plus, Emmett said time and time again whenever he was DQ’d from comps that he didn’t want to win something he didn’t deserve. I understand this isn’t something Jillian ever said and they’re not the same person but why the hell was he so defending of Jillian’s win? Why was he so excited fist pumping and everything after Topaz screwed up? And why was he so against Gary winning saying “you should only have one life on the Big Brother house” if he clearly voted to keep him over Talla?

        Jillian was dumb in how she played the game burning too many bridges and blindly doing Emmett’s dirty work. She was a dumb girl on the game that didn’t deserve the win. And Emmet is just a hypocrite.

        The true winner is still Gary. However, I do believe that Emmett had the best overall game, such a shame he had such poor character on the finale.

    • “I feel like Jillian wouldn’t have gotten as far as she did with out Emmott! ”

      And how far would Gary have gotten without Big Brother Canada voting for him to come in for a second time? 8th place is the answer.

  29. Poetic justice … that’s what it was. I couldn’t stand the three stooges of Alec, Peter, and gemstone Topaz.

    Alec really thought of himself as Mr. Ph.D smarter than all of Canada. The whole episode over the shower scene was a complete sham on Beal’s part to win sympathy and get Tom cast out. A grown man on a game show crying like a baby, a buffoon who never wore a shirt in the house ever … yea, right.

    And then we have the ridiculous Peter Brown Mr. Youtuber … professional Youtuber that is … another name for a guy who lives at home with no real job. And who is Peter Brown to call Jillian in idiot and pose the most ridiculous and obvious question all at the same time? All this coming from a grown man who can’t even eat a salad …

    And so it is in life what you put out there has a way of coming back and yesterday’s show was exactly that. All the condescending remarks by Beal and Brown and this predominate attitude of “We are so much smarter” leave it to Beal’s on again off again between the sheets interest Topaz to not be able to put the right name in … could that be because she was to interested in prancing around for the camera – shake that booty now girl!

    Like I said what goes around comes around and congratulations most certainly does go to Jillian on a game well played – Hold your head and $100,000 up high! And let the “Sheild” pull together and take up a collection for Gary seeing they’re so concerned. I mean didn’t Mr. Brown say he was all about setting an injustice right?

  30. Keep Jillian the winner but give Gary the grand prize as well. Do not allow something like this to happen again.

    • How do expect them to “not allow something like this to happen again”? The houseguests are told the rules very clearly several times before voting. I don’t think production can be expected to predict that one of their houseguests is going to be a cocky, smug idiot who won’t listen to basic instructions. No one’s fault but Topaz.

      • The same way they did it this time. For instance, everyone (including the Jury) KNEW which way she was going to vote. When the producers saw her put the wrong name in the box, they should have politely cut to commercial and fixed the problem. The show is pretaped, it wouldn’t have been much a do and there would be no controversy.

  31. I personally think Topaz actually voted for Jillian but once she realized her name would be read saying who she voted for she made up the wrong vote story to cover her butt!!
    As far as everyone saying Jillian lied to everyone and didn’t deserve to win…they all lied even Gary. He lied to Jillian about what the jury house thought about her and he lied to Emmett about taking him to the final 2… a lie is a lie.
    Jillian worked hard to stay in the game… Gary got voted back, he didn’t win anything to earn his spot there after he was evicted.
    Jillian deserved to win…she was amazing. Congrats!

  32. She said 3 times she was 150% positive. 150% clueless, but just the same vote should stand.

  33. The houseguests could not overcome the producers of BBC , they obviously did everything they could do to put Gary in that winning positition and that was rigged and unfair.
    What BBC could not overcome was Topaz’s utter stupidity. She proved it again and again in the house. I am glad she has to live with that. LOL

  34. I personally find it so hilariously awesome that Jillian won in this way. It’s almost better than her winning legitimately, only because it’s a way better smack in the face to the shield+topaz bitterbug alliance. Serves them right for not being able to separate themselves from the game once they were in jury and realize that it’s JUST A GAME and not real life. The way they acted during the finale is utterly classless and embarassing, and it serves them right to have such a HUGE mistake happen at the hands of one of their own! Especially after those beautiful comments about “justice being served” and giving gary their vote “150%”. The smugness being wiped off their faces will hopefully help Jillian feel better about the whole mishap!

  35. Topaz is just plain stupid and there is no “do-over” for that ! Glad the deserving person got the win, congrats JIllian ! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaah
    Very pleased that production was stopped cold in their long hard campaign to give Gary the win, Excellent ending to a very distorted, and unfairly supervised game.

    • Good point about the unfairly supervised game. To have such dumb players in the jury only shows how weak the original casting was.

    • I also got the biggest laugh at the topaz screw up. Very inciteful comment Mitt, perhaps you should try to go into the house next season. Now that would be a good game, get MItt and Barock in the house together.

  36. Emmett you sicken me….
    They way you cheated during 4 comps (only got caught 3 times) and how you sit there pumping your fists…. I am SO glad Gary went back into that house to evict you

  37. This is ridiculous! The most disgusting person in the house has won. Mess with the votes made the whole thing extra pathetic.

    The message to the young people: Be a scheming, conniving, backstabbing biatch and you will be appreciated by your entourage and those “qualities” could even earn you 100 grands.

    After all, this is probably what Canada actually deserves!

    Good luck and good effing night!

    • Big Brother is not about “the best person winning”. It’s about doing what you feel you need to to make it to the end and win. No one ever said that they had to be role models, or had to be good so people would look up to them. It’s a d*mn television show, entertainment. If it was all sunshine and rainbows no one would watch. Jillian played hard and did what she had to, she is the rightful winner.
      If you were in the house and someone asked you if they were safe, you would say “of course” no matter what the truth was. You would be crazy not to. It would make you a target for everyone b/c you’d be telling them, “yeah, I plan on dumping you at final 5, and you at 4, oh, you? you’re looking at 7th or 8th if I have my way” lol that’d be the dumbest thing ever.

    • I don’t know what you’re doing in this site if you have those kind of feelings. Dude…its BB and it’s a game, relax…you have some major issues…..take care.

  38. I am starting to wonder if Topaz was a producer plant. I mean she looked like she was acting last night. She worked pretty hard at every turn to mention she was voting for Gary to create more drama. Looking back, who would talk through their vote out loud like that at her hoh. I mean really? Starting to wonder if she got paid for her role and was there to do what the producers wanted. Unfair to everyone else who got screwed over throughout the season (her alliances, Jillian’s tainted win and Gary’s loss thinking he had that vote all along). Stupid ending but wouldn’t put it past Big Brother to interfere for ratings…

    • Love the show and justice was served 150% lol. Big Brother has major influence over the show watch the live feeds its true like last year on BBUS BB told Ian they wanted him to vote to save Frank and got the “dont talk about BB production” warning and they went over comp answers with Frank which he talked about on live feeds and got the “dont talk about BB production” warning. It absolutely is influenced but the choice is and always was up to the player because as you know Ian voted to evict Frank on BBUS

  39. This is coming from a person who likes Gary as a person better than Jillian so if you want to say this is biased, it is not:

    Gary coming back into the game during final five fucked everything right up. If Gary was never evicted and if he fought/manipulated to stay (and Topaz still messed up), it would be a travesty. Like it or not, Jillian/Emmett controlled the house. It was boring to watch; but still, they had everybody tied around their finger and that’s obviously the best position in the house. So, even if Topaz didn’t make such an idiotic move and Gary did win, it would be unfair. Jillian’s game play was far more superior than Gary’s so I think she deserved to win.

  40. Big Brother Canada proves that Karma IS a BITCH!
    That Peter dude was beaten by, in his own words” an idiot and an aweful player”.
    No need to be a sore loser, when all is done.
    Based on that moment alone, Jillian got MY vote.
    Overall the best person won,cushioned by the overconfidence, of one contestant, Topaz.
    When she got up and charged and begged was a TREAT!
    Nothing like a little controversy to end a pilot season !
    That’s BIG news for the future of BBC…
    Now, was the misvote preplanned?
    I believe NO, or Topaz is a helluva actress.

  41. I guess the ULTIMATE TWIST was Topaz messing up her vote.
    Now who predicted THAT?
    I love it!

  42. At least it’s not Emmett. Whether it should be Jillian or Gary, I’m fine with either as long as it’s not the milkman.

    Yes he did play a rather “clean” game, with many of his pawns a.k.a. his “alliances” doing all his dirty work. However, he didn’t think of that one scenario, where the odds of him going Final 2 and a hundred thousand Canadian dollars would become blurry because he is, by all means, the ultimate threat to Gary winning the game (which had it not for Topaz’ TV history-in-the-making misvote should have happened).

    His jury question to Gary sounded really bitter and I couldn’t blame him. Then again, it was an error on his part, because unlike Jillian, Gary was not gunning for second place.

    • I agree with you on many points. Emmett spent a lot of time getting other people to do his dirty work for him and secure a vote in the final 2, and had he made it that far, he probably would have won. I’m so happy he didn’t. He was a pretty clever player in some ways, but there was such an arrogance about him. He expected to win. I have more respect for a player like Jillian, who is willing to be bold in her moves than a player like Emmett, who concealed all of his, but then walks around the house like he’s the king.

  43. this finale seems so scripted. I am so disappointed with the way it ended. huge fan of the show, but now not so much. it could have been so much better .

  44. EPIC!!! I going to take a wild guess and say that this shocking ending to the 1st season of BBC will go down in history as the most jaw dropping moment in reality tv EVER! I watch other reality tv shows and am a big fan of Big Brother U.S. I can’t recall anything even coming remotely close to this. I truly feel sorry for Topaz making this mistake. But just like in hockey a goal is a goal even if you score on your own net. It’s a goal for the OTHER TEAM! I was truly in shock when Emmett got back stabbed and voted out by Gary but looking back it was the BEST move he could have made to insure the jury votes. Jillian I believe deserved the win based on her competition wins. Great to hear that BBC had fans around the world watching and on social media was a huge success. Maybe now people won’t think of us Canadians as those Boring but Polite people…LOL. We can kick up the DRAMA just as good or even better as any one else. Looking forward to a 2nd season. Big Brother U.S. season 15 has a tough act to follow after this..

  45. All of this silly talk of Julian deserving it, it disent matter, the jury didn’t vote for her to win!!!, it was a mistake!!! Deserving or not BBCAN should have allowed Topaz to correct her vote. This is not a “win” Jillian should be proud of.

    • What if ALL of them stood up and said they made a mistake..would it have been ok for ALL of them to change their votes? ummm NOOOO!

      She was told TWICE how to vote, maybe she should have paid more attention to why she was there ..duh!

      Rules are rules. Why do people think BBC was wrong in keeping the votes the way they were when they were told HOW TO VOTE!!!! … T W I C E

      I can’t believe how many people think it was wrong of BBC. Don’t any of you believe in following RULES or do you think you’re that special… like Topaz.

      Jillian deserved to win and won

  46. I truly believe that all the twists and turns that production made on BBC for better or for worse was what set it apart from all other editions of Big Brother. Our Canadian edition played by their own rules and was not beholden to the U.S. or any other countries editions. This was Canada’s first edition of Big Brother and we should realize that. I keep hearing people saying things like the U.S. version did this, the U.S. version never did that. So what? We had our own game. Our own rules. I think that FREE live feeds is what made Canada’s version such a big hit. BBC had fans around the world watching and commenting on social media. We got to see a cross section of Canadians under one roof that we truly haven’t seen before on tv and broadcast to the world for better or worse. I was proud to see Glitter Gary in his unapologetic glory not backing down and being himself in spite of homophobia that sadly still exists in Canada. There were both fumbles and hits sure but what else could you expect for the first time out?

  47. Dang. The first time a Woman beats a Man In the final two on Big Brother, and it’s by accident.

  48. Maybe Topaz should have paid attention! Maybe she was blinded by all of the “glitter”
    This was the most important vote of the BBC Season and she screwed up big time! Admit your stupid mistake and quit trying to blame others for your screw up!

    • Perhaps next season the voting will be by secret ballot, then the idiots won’t be able to complain when the cast their votes incorrectly… why even reveal who voted for whom?

      • Watching BBC was great, and if you have ever seen a season of BBUS you know that that is exactly what BBC used as a guide. It was the same format. SO with that logic, the voting has been the same for 13 seasons, and it works fine.

  49. I had to vote in a contradiction. Topaz cast her vote wrong and it was clearly said twice to vote for the winner. Once a vote is locked in its in, that’s the rules. However, if topaz hadn’t messed up her vote Gary would have won so he is technically the winner. However, I feel sorry for Jill in all this. She has to live with the fact that she only won because of a mistake and, the type of person she is, will always wonder about that. Well done to both of them for making the finals though. A very good, twisty, interesting season.

  50. The rules weren’t exactly rocket science. The game was what it was, twists and all. Jillian played a very competitive game, and Gary stayed in the second time against the odds. Topaz came out looking very unfortunate at the end, and Emmett (my favourite) very bitter.

    • I don’t think Emmett looked bitter at all compared to Peter lol.. I really liked him in the beginning but he definitely took it personally when it is only a game.

  51. Jillian is the rightful winner, topaz voted for her and did not realize it would come out. 150% was her way of showing she voted for Jillian.

  52. here is a twist might be dumb they could void all there votes and let the first group of evicted house guests to vote including suzette and so on…

  53. Why was Gary allowed to enter the jury house form bonds and talk about
    potential voting for the remaining household? This game was favoured
    heavily for Gary to win; he came back knowing Jillian would not get any
    votes at the end and also talked to the jury and lied to Jillian once he
    returned telling her she was loved in the jury house. Blatant obvious
    cheating by production to do a power shift and not sequester the jury if
    they knew before hand it was going to happen. A sudden twist when all
    the jury met has not happened in BB USA. They do not get a chance to
    talk game outside the house and come back. Gary should have not been
    allowed to return.

    Also after your vote is cast you cant ask for a redo its too late. After you find a result you dont like its too late to cry redo. Had she said something before her vote was announced then I can agree to let her redo it but when its announced its too late. How many times have people locked in an answer to a game show and realized their mistake and it was too late to undo it then.

  54. Last post was too long. Once you lock in an answer its too late when its announced to redo life works that way so does all game shows. Gary was in the jury and knew how the voting was going to be cast. He had insider knowledge and should not have been allowed to enter the house unless he was put in a different jury house alone without being fed info by all the jurors. Sorry Karma finally got Gary.

  55. Big Brother is racist, just preventing a black man from winning anything…Karma will surely get Jillian. It is obvious she has intended to vote for gary, just look at her comment while she was voting..

    • That is one of the stupidest thing I’ve read on this site yet. Production did everything they could to get a black man to win the game. The karma is Jillian the strongest player winning with all the efforts production made to take Gary to the end and his also black friend screwed him while Arisa the black host read the results.

      I really wish racism would die. I love Gary but he did not deserve the title as a matter of fact Talla deserved it over him. he had an unfair advantage of knowing the jury members votes.

    • Euphoric are you related to Topaz?
      Because your comments about Race & Karma were about as dumb as Topaz saying someone changed her vote!!

      What does race or Big Brothers decision to keep the votes the way they were voted have to do with what Topaz did? Rules are rules. She was told twice how to vote…for the person they want to WIN!
      Why would they let her re-vote?

      So if some or all of the others said they voted wrong would they ALL get to re-vote?

      lol Karma getting Jillian back…you really need a life Euphoric Laci. Jillian had NOTHING to do with the way things turned out…Topaz did!!!

      Maybe Topaz should have paid more attention to who she was voting for instead of trying to make a rude comment to Jillian.

      Now that’s what you call Karma, it got Topaz!!

  56. Jillian is by far the winner of BBCA, BBCA production were more into ratings, than the game. Gary was saved twice and both times it was close, but we never saw the number did we? a staff member was released because he wanted BBCA to be played by the players and not production. Of course we were told the worker found better work, yeah right. Sorry Gary Karma is Stronger than glitter and if they would have let Topaz change her vote then they would have had to Erase all Emmett’s DQ’s and that would have hanged the game. These were immature kids playing BBCA, nothing like the USA at all. Gary was rightfully evicted twice and wrongfully brought back twice. . Karma said “NO MORE” and his strongest ally screwed him . a perfect ending to a perfect story of immature spiteful children. Peter especially , he was spoiled for one thing, “Oh I can only eat what I want to” nothing wrong with him except a nerd/dork wearing the 80’s clothes of a dork/ nerd and his mother confirmed he was a picky eating, no disease.first time he touched a girls thigh and she looked like a horse with overlarge teeth., Emmet was a moron, Gary over Talla, looks like Dan/Tom got to him, thought he knew how to play, he was an idiot. Jillian took 10+ days of slop, punishments, won all challenges, earned everything she got and in the end got the best of Gary and Emmett. the first BBCA that was corrupt the whole way through , but ended justified by the best player winning and she will be ask back, Emmett ehh not so sure. He isn’t very bright. Emmett will no way in hell watch BBCA with Jillian and Andrew now since his scheming went south and admitting on TV to lying to Jillian about Talla. Even on the bus they were pretty far apart. So my guess is she already was told, Andrew now has a better chance with Jillian .
    but I’m glad you Gary/Topaz lovers didn’t get your way and the polls show a washout/landslide and now you have nothing you can say, its over you loser, sore losers lol.

  57. Well it definitely was an entertaining finale. No I don’t think that Topaz should have been able to revote…rules are rules. What I think what happened was the those Bitter & Childish jury members, (that were not voting for Gary To Win but for Jillian to Lose), were served up a big dose of ‘Poetic Justice’. It was absolutely priceless seeing the Smug & Superior look on both Peter & Alec’s face wiped off as Once Again, ‘the shield’, as Talla would say, was ‘A Fail’ & the final nail was hammered into the coffin of ‘the shield’ (wasn’t much of a shield). Karma’s a real bitch & topaz played her well…albeit unintentionally.(which of course made it sweeter). I think Gary was deserving of 2nd place even though he did have a huge, unfair advantage. Had he won, I think it would have made a complete mockery of the Big Brother Game leaving us with the embarrassing legacy of playing the game with absolutely no integrity.

  58. Did anyone notice how Topaz said “My vote is 150% secure”. Funny.
    Then she goes off and says “Wait a minute, wait what?”

    I think she picked the Jillian’s key by accident. She was clearly too excited in the moment and picked the wrong key.

    Either way she made herself look like an idiot.

  59. Honestly, it seemed to me that she pondered when voting and then at last minute decided that Jillian was more deserving, not thinking that Arisa would actually reveal who voted.

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