Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 29 Season 1 Finale (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada Topaz vote

There was plenty of drama, planned and unplanned, last night on Big Brother Canada. The 2-hour season finale was filled with surprising competition results and the most shocking vote screw up I’ve ever seen.

The final three, Gary, Jillian, and Emmett faced off in a three-part Head of Household competition before evicting one last HG to join the jury. Watch it all play out plus see the return of every HG from Big Brother Canada season 1.

If you missed last night’s season finale then you must watch it now. Read our detailed recap of what happened at each step and who won what competitions.

This is likely to go down as the biggest flub in Big Brother history.

Big Brother Canada Episode 29 Season Finale:

Well that was nuts! What do you make of all of that?