Big Brother Canada Season 1 Finale Recap

Big Brother Canada

It all comes down to this. Tonight we will find out who won Big Brother Canada as the Jury comes together and makes its decision.

Before we get to the falling confetti and balloons we’ve still got a little matter of one final eviction as part of the ultimate Head of Household competition this inaugural season has seen.

We’ll be here live recapping the results so stick close for spoilers as they happen!

Big Brother Canada episode 29

We’re getting a live Q&A from host Arisa to the final 3. She asked what was their favorite moment and Emmett said “when I beat Jillian in the endurance competition.” Did he just reveal the results to round 1 of the final HoH comp?

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Comp – Part 1:
The comp is called “No Blood On My Hands.” HGs have to balance with a bucket of fake blood over their head. Last player standing (and balanced) wins the battle. Jillian says this is a “boys contest” because it’s very heavy. Yep, that’s tough against someone like Emmett.

Jillian was clearly resting the pole base against her belt buckle. I’d call that cheating. Doesn’t matter though because she can’t hold on and drops the bucket. “Blood” goes everywhere! After more than 4 hours Gary wiggles and drops his bucket. Emmett takes Round 1.

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Comp – Part 2:
Round 2 is set up like a circus and is called “Big Brother Big Top.” Jillian and Gary must race to drop rings in the right order of the season’s HoH’s while navigating an obstacle course. This looks exhausting.

Jillian goes first and feels “horrible” about her time. Gary is out and ready to go. Gary falls in to the ball pit along the way and gets a 30-sec penalty. Emmett reveals the times and we find out that Gary has won Round 2.

Gee, maybe Emmett should have kept Talla, huh?

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Comp – Part 3:

The last round pits Emmett and Gary against each other. The winner decides who to evict and who goes with them to the final two. The challenge is to answer questions about the evicted HGs, just like we’re used to seeing in BBUS.

  • Round 1: False – both get it right
  • Round 2: True – both wrong
  • Round 3: True – both get it right
  • Round 4: True – both wrong
  • Round 5: True – both get it right
  • Round 6: True – Gary gets it right and wins

Gary wins by 1 point and is the final HoH. Gary will decide who to evict tonight.

Hah! I guess Emmett should have kept Talla.

Big Brother Canada – Final Head of Household Competitions:

  • Part 1 goes to Emmett
  • Part 2 goes to Gary
  • Part 3 goes to Gary

Big Brother Canada – Final Eviction:

  • Gary votes to evict Emmett

Hilarious. Emmett really, really should have kept Talla.

Gary will head to the Final Two with Jillian as Emmett walks out the door.

Emmett evicted on Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada – Final Two HGs:

  • Gary
  • Jillian

The Jury takes the stage and Arisa lets them guess who their finally member will be. Most think it’ll be Gary but hope for it to be Jillian. Yikes, that sounds like Gary is about to take this vote by storm if that many Jury voters don’t want Jillian in the final two, much less than winning it all. Gary by a landslide, anyone?

Gotta say, during the Jury Q&A we see Peter call Jillian an “idiot!” This guy is a childish jerk. What a petty child of a man. She beat you, repeatedly. Get over it, Peter.

Reportedly there was some drama over “mistake votes” during the jury votes. Remember, this was pre-taped and not live like we were told it would be.

We’re down to the voting. AJ says someone has made a $100K mistake. “Integers,” he says. Alec says he’s sorry “The Sheyld” lost but is “happy he’ll win.” Topaz says her vote is “150% secure.” Peter says he is voting to “prevent injustice.” Andrew says he is “voting with my heart.” Talla says she’s “voting for the person who played the opposite of my game.” Emmett has the last vote and says, “you should only ever have one life in the Big Brother game.” And with that, the voting is done.

Okay, I’m trying to interpret those comments. I’m thinking this will be 4-3 and not a landslide like those initial Jury comments made me think. Jillian didn’t make any decisions tonight, so could AJ mean Gary picking to evict Emmett? If so, that’s a vote for Jillian. Alec, Peter, & Topaz are clearly going for Gary. Andrew will go w/ Jillian as will Emmett. The opposite of Talla’s game would be Jillian, right? (loud and boisterous?) If I’ve read those right then Jillian may win 4-3.

We’re still waiting to see what these mistaken votes are all about. After a season of voting to evict (voting against) did someone in the Jury screw up and vote “against” instead of “for” a winner?

Big Brother Canada – Jury Votes:

  • Emmett votes for Jillian
  • AJ votes Gary – oops, then my guess is probably wrong
  • Talla votes for Jillian
  • Alec votes for Gary
  • Topaz votes for Jillian – wait, whaa??

This is HUGE! Topaz jumps up and comes across the stage in protest. Yep, Topaz voted “against” instead of “for.” Arisa keeps saying she can’t do anything but Topaz won’t go back to her seat. Arisa cuts to commercial. Hmm…

Okay, back to the show. Arisa shows film footage of Topaz voting for Jillian. They are not going to let Topaz change her vote and must continue on with the vote.

  • Peter votes for Gary
  • Andrew votes for Jillian

Jillian wins Big Brother Canada! Wow, what drama! Arisa says Andrew was the deciding vote, but Topaz’s silly mistake was the real deciding factor her tonight. That’s incredible!

Are you happy with how this season of Big Brother Canada turned out? Next up we’re jumping back to Big Brother 15 in the US so join us for that on Facebook and Twitter for even more fun this summer!