Big Brother Canada Finale Tonight – Prediction Polls

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the season finale will air and bring with it the first ever BBCAN winner. This special episode airs early this Thursday, May 2nd at 9PM ET and runs a full two hours so don’t be late.

Before the winner of Big Brother Canada can be announced we’ll have to get through the final Head of Household competition(s). We’re expecting a multi-part comp based on what we’re used to seeing from Big Brother US, but since BBCAN is free to be its own version who knows what will happen.

Since the Feeds have been blacked out we don’t know the state of the game inside the house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

Right now the Power Couple Jimmett is very well positioned to take the Final Two seats in the game. Gary is outnumbered two to one and his performance abilities have been somewhat lacking, at least when compared to the records of Emmett and Jillian. With that in mind I’m expecting Gary to be the last evicted HG this season.

As for who will win it all, this could be close. It’s hard to argue with Jillian’s record of 4 HoH’s and never having been on the block. Then you’ve got Emmett who won 2 HoH’s plus 1 disqualified HoH, multiple Vetos, and even survived a first week nomination to make it all the way to the end, well if he’s not evicted tonight.

Tonight’s win will come down to the Jury though, of course, and how they see each player not just for their record but also for who they were in the game. On that side of things it’s likely Emmett will find greater support as Jillian has had to do a lot of “dirty work” to safely navigate this season of BBCAN.

Who do you think will be the final evicted HG and who will win Big Brother Canada? Vote in the polls below and share your thoughts in the Comments section.


  1. Either Emmet or Jilli has hundred percent won this season. I think Emmet and Jill final would be the most interesting because it would be a toss up. Pretty sure Jill would have Andrew, Talla, and AJ vote. and would just need one more against Emmet. But I think Emmet will probably pull it off.

    • If Jill has Andrew Talla and AJ, what about Alec, Peter and Topaz? A & P might vote for Emmet, but I’m not convinced Topaz would. On the other hand, I have no idea what she would do.

      • Exactly, Jill only needs one vote to win against either of them. I think her best shot would honestly have Gary win final hoh. I’m still not convinced Gary would take Emmet I think he has a better shot with Jill, and he knows people are mad in jury about her (only Topaz/Peter) but Emmet would vote for Jill to win and she would have 4 votes right there. But if Jill backstabbed Emmet no way he going to vote for her to win. But I still think she has an equal shot at winning against Emmet in finals.

  2. Emmets plan to backdoor Jillian and take Gary to the end is going to backfire when Gary wins HOH.
    The ONLY reason Emmet booted Talla was to take Gary to the end, nothing else makes sense.

    • So if Gary wins HOH, who is he taking to the end? Everyone seems to think Emmet is a shoe-in for the grand prize, so would it make sense for Gary to take him? Frankly, Jillian played the better game, even despite the sometimes bad advice she took from Emmet.

      • It’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re in the middle of the game. We know Gary would have a better shot against Jillian than Emmett, but he might not realize it. Also, Gary has a better friendship w/ E than J which could influence his decision.

        • I don’t understand why people are saying Jill has no shot, if she in the finals she probably has Talla, AJ, and Andrew vote. If Gary evicts Emmet he would vote for Jill to win and then she wins the game. Jill and Emmet are the same for votes it is going to be close. Emmet would have for sure Peter (too big of a baby that Jill kicked him out), probably Alec, Topaz not to sure to be honest its been a long time since her eviction could go either way, and then probably Gary. Way I see it no way Gary is winning because Emmet or Jill would vote for each other to win, and he is done. Jill and emmet have equal shot.

        • Excellent point. It’s so easy for us to forget that the players don’t have the same perspective we do. I have been wondering if Gary’s “connection” with Emmet is heartfelt or strategy.

        • Gary knows Emmett’s mom will disown him if he pulls anything. (LOL)

          I generally don’t give much credence to the DR comments, since they are highly edited to create suspicion for the audience. only the feeds give you any incite.

  3. This has been the most predictable game. Sorry, looking forward to BB USA. After dark was disappointing. As far as winning this game, Gary has little chance against the “power” couple. Jillian has gotten the most blood on her hands, often under the direction of Emmett. What a fool she has been. Emmett should maybe win if it is based on who has cheated the most in BB history. We’ve only seen the times he has been caught, wonder how many in total. Based on that I don’t believe he should win, or should still even be in the game. If Gary could win HH tonight it would bring some excitement to this game.

    • i dont know what youve been watching all these years. but BBCAN has been a lot better than anything the US version has had for the last few years.

      • Really, Dan who some regard as the best could not bring the floater JennCity to the final F3 and ends up out thinking himself thinking he could get Ian to throw the final comp? (not sure if that was ever on the broadcast but it was on the feeds) Just think Dan tricked Danill?? to let him evict Ian, only to save the person who would win.

        This was the best so far. Love that Ian won.

        • Regard the best? He is hands down the best it’s not even arguable. He has won the most money off big brother, he has never been evicted, and believe it or not he has never even had a vote casted against him to be evicted from big brother in two seasons!!! The only reason why he didn’t win last season was because he won the game before and people wanted someone else to win. Even some of the jury memebers said that in their post game interview. And that’s something he could not control.

    • Okay cheating is when you cheat and don’t get caught Emmet was DQ from all those comps and still here fair and sqaure. And honestly, I think its the comps design at fault all the times he was DQ is in the moment of high emotions, the comps should be designed where there no way if you end up saying something you don’t get DQ. And let me guess since your on this site your one of the people who check the spoilers, of course it will be preditcable!!!! honestly, how could you expect anything less you know everything that happens in advanced. If thats your problem just stick to watching the episodes, because then you wont know everything thats going on.

        • That’s a good point but they shouldn’t even need that if you look back at all the last 14 seasons of big brother someone being DQ has never happened so that says something about the comps they are making. His thing wasn’t even cheating it was just opening his mouth during an instense comp. even look at the bumble bee one like 4 people or something did the same thing. it just seems strange that this is the first time I can recall someone getting DQ from comps in big brother and makes me think its not the players but rather the comps design itself.

          • I think it has more to do with production trying to please the audience. I understand that a lot of anti-Emmett viewers complained. They only complained about Emmett. But we all heard the warnings without DQ, BBCA was backed into a corner, but their solution gave Gary his only HOH. LIke when the first HOH only had to answer the phone. The fastest she ran ever. staged HOH.

  4. If Emmett does take Gary to the end I think he will still win! He played 100% so has Jillian! I hope its either Emmett or Jill!

  5. I want Gary to win but I completely think that Emmett will. I think that Jillian did too much lying to win any votes but Emmett got under that radar and fixed whatever he could before that person was evicted. I think he has the best chance.

    The only way I can see Gary winning is if he sitting beside Jillian.
    I think Gary is a great role model so that may be why I want him to win haha, Emmett was definitely the best to play the game though because even though he got DQ (3 times?) he was reprimanded for that and still got here, fair and square. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

  6. If Jill wins HOH (which I honestly think she will) she SHOULD take Gary because it will seal her win – she stands no chance against Emmet in the final. And last episode we saw her starting to think about her own game a bit more. That is the scenario I would like to see but I wouldn’t be disappointed if Emmet won either. I can’t see Gary winning against either!

    • She has as great as chance to win as Emmet against him! Emmet has Peter vote for sure and thats really it. Jill would have Andrew Talla, and AJ. The rest could go either way. I think best case is Gary win then he evicts Jill so she would get Emmets votes. I’m pretty curious to see who Gary would want to take to the end. People just say Jill has all this blood on her hands who!? Peter and Topaz thats it!!!! There been other people sent to the jury since then.

  7. The jury does not like Jillian. Peter said he would vote for the microwave before Jillian when he was being interviewed on ET. LOL I PRAY that Gary wins HOH and he is up against Jillian. THEN he will win for sure

    • Who doesn’t like her though? Yeah the first jury members like Topaz and Peter, but more people been evicted. What about AJ, Andrew, Talla, and Alec?

  8. Anything can happen, of the three Emmett is the true leader. Survived a first week eviction similar to Dan. Survived his connection with Tom. Formed a new alliance when the shield of quattro were getting close to others. He used intel from Peter how to survive F5,F6. Jillian would have remained oblivious to that strategy. Won the only POV his really needed to win. Showmance in the finals, I understand that is a first? and a secret Garymance

  9. Jillian is the one who DESERVES to win. She has done the most work, played the game the most, won the most and did a lot of dirty work. Lying, backstabbing and winning is all part of the game. If the Jury members want to hold a grudge and not pick her as the winner (if she is in the final two), than that is a poor decision. Look at Rachel in the US series, she was HATED by most of the houseguests in the latest season she was on but luckily the Jury saw through that and picked the most deserving winner. Jillian is the rightful winner of these game, even if she doesn’t walk away with the prize.

    • Of the two left she probably was the better choice, but I stopped watching that season she is just incredibly annoying.

      However I agree with Peter, Emmett is the only one in the house with a clue as to what has been going on. Jillian has been a queen in Emmetts game and he has never been afraid to lose his queen in chess if it would ultimately benefit him.

  10. What’s with these jury questions? are they staging this or what?

    Only one real question?
    Gary no you don’t deserve to be there!

  11. OMG, Villian did NOT actually win!!!! Topaz meant to vote for Gary & screwed it up! Yeh, rules are rules but this was a mistake………Gary is the true winner…….what a shame…..dont think I will watch Big Brother after this horrible injustice!!! 🙁

  12. I am so disgusted that Jillian won the prize but only due to Topazs screwup, so really Jillian did not win at all…everyone knows that Topaz was for Gary all along and it was a stupid mistake and she did try and revoke it the minute she found out before any remaining votes was announced…but rules are rules,,, So in my eyes, Gary is the true winner of BBCanada. I will not spend another couple months of my precious time watching another Big Brother Canada…I am sooooooo disgusted….and Jillian, have some respect for yourself, it was so disgusting seeing you kissing, kissing, kissing, all the time….being a teacher and knowing that students are gong to be watching I don’t think it was appropriate for you to broadcast this god, you just met the guy, then in the bed, shower, playing games, etc etc kissing kissing..but I did notice that the last few days you almost cut out the kissing, bet you were told about it from milkmans family or maybe your own family..and so you should of been told…

  13. Big brother canada is a disgrace!!! I regret watching this season of big brother canada.

  14. topaz did NOT screw up.. she voted Jillian!! she thought all votes would be kept confidential as they have been all along. did you see her face as the votes were being revealed? she was so uncomfortable sitting there knowing she would be exposed. and when it was announced that she voted for jillian…well it took some time for her hand to go up. I think body language says it all. Topaz voted Jillian.. deliberately. not sure why.. but i am sure she did

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