Big Brother Canada Finale Tonight – Prediction Polls

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the season finale will air and bring with it the first ever BBCAN winner. This special episode airs early this Thursday, May 2nd at 9PM ET and runs a full two hours so don’t be late.

Before the winner of Big Brother Canada can be announced we’ll have to get through the final Head of Household competition(s). We’re expecting a multi-part comp based on what we’re used to seeing from Big Brother US, but since BBCAN is free to be its own version who knows what will happen.

Since the Feeds have been blacked out we don’t know the state of the game inside the house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

Right now the Power Couple Jimmett is very well positioned to take the Final Two seats in the game. Gary is outnumbered two to one and his performance abilities have been somewhat lacking, at least when compared to the records of Emmett and Jillian. With that in mind I’m expecting Gary to be the last evicted HG this season.

As for who will win it all, this could be close. It’s hard to argue with Jillian’s record of 4 HoH’s and never having been on the block. Then you’ve got Emmett who won 2 HoH’s plus 1 disqualified HoH, multiple Vetos, and even survived a first week nomination to make it all the way to the end, well if he’s not evicted tonight.

Tonight’s win will come down to the Jury though, of course, and how they see each player not just for their record but also for who they were in the game. On that side of things it’s likely Emmett will find greater support as Jillian has had to do a lot of “dirty work” to safely navigate this season of BBCAN.

Who do you think will be the final evicted HG and who will win Big Brother Canada? Vote in the polls below and share your thoughts in the Comments section.