Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 28 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada episode 28

The second to last episode of Big Brother Canada’s first season aired last night and brought us down from 4 HGs to just 3. One of those three HGs will win the crown and become the first official Big Brother Canada winner.

Before we can get there be sure you’re ready by watching last night’s show. You’ll see the Veto competition, ceremony, and a surprise eviction. We’ve got all the results summed up here in our recap.

Big Brother Canada Episode 28 – Video:

Did Emmett make the right choices with both his Veto and eviction vote. Hard to argue over his PoV call, but what about his vote to evict? Should he have formed a different final three to better his chances of winning it all?


  1. Votes Emmett gets if him and Jillian: Gary, Topaz, Alec, Peter
    Votes Emmett gets if him and Gary: Jillian (If production pulls another rabbit out of their …..and Gary sends her out), Andrew, Alec, Peter, AJ

    • Gary shouldn’t even be in the house, it is now confirmed that production devised the last twist for the sole purpose of bringing Gary back into the game. (Confidential sources inside the production team)

      • Nothing of the sort has been confirmed. I didn’t like it that Gary was sent back into the house at first either, but I’m not lying on an entire production company. Gary shouldn’t have had to pay the price for Andrew’s wrath against Topaz anyway, but now that he’s gotten a second chance at the game, he’s made darn good use of his time there. I’m proud of him, because frankly, I had him gone last night, because I thought Emmett would surely stick with he and Jill’s f3 with Talla. I’m proud of Gary for pulling this off.

  2. Crazy how people think Gary would lose against Emmett or Jillian. He’d win hands down for leaving the game, going back in, and breaking up that East Coast alliance. His PoV win got Andrew evicted, his misting of Emmett just got Talla evicted, and if he’s won the final HoH…He’ll personally cast the sole vote and Jill will go. Jurist like Alec,Topaz, Talla, AJ and Andrew will see that as one helluva comeback.

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