Big Brother Canada: Week 10 Special Eviction Results

Big Brother Canada

Tonight we close in on the season finale to find out who won Big Brother Canada. This episode will feature a special eviction along with the usual Veto fare and since the Feeds have been down for days we’ll finally get some surprise eviction results.

Haha. Host Arisa says there’s no audience tonight because the show is top secret. I guess that whole “stop leaking to Dingo” thing escalated quickly. Arisa reveals to a surprised final four that a quick eviction is coming up. They scramble as we wait to see what happens.

Stick with us tonight as we live recap the results as they happen.

Big Brother Canada Week 10 – Veto Competition:

Emmett lets Talla know he won’t be voting to keep her. She takes it pretty well, but there are a lot of tears and the other HGs are scrambling to suck up and secure her Jury vote.

Big Brother Canada Week 10 – Veto Ceremony:

  • Veto not used

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Emmett votes to evict Talla

Before her eviction Talla tells Emmett she won’t forgive him for what he’s about to do, but she’ll have to respect his decision. Does that mean he has lost her Jury vote should it come to that?

Hmm. It seems we won’t get the first part of the final HoH competition like we’re used to from Big Brother US. So no endurance comp for the first part? Wasn’t that what Jillian was afraid of from Talla? Maybe they’ll do it later.

In her exit interview with Arisa Talla says she thinks Jillian will win it all. I’m guessing Jillian has a vote in her corner with Talla in the Jury House.

Big Brother Canada Final HoH – Part 1:

  • Doesn’t look like it’ll happen tonight…

The Thursday night season finale will last two full hours and will begin earlier than normal at 9PM ET on Slice. So if you show up at the regular time, well, you’ll miss half the show!

Tomorrow night we’ll get the season finale of BBCAN with the last parts of the finale Head of Household competition plus the Jury votes. Which HG do you think will walk away with the crown and all the prize money?