Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Canada

The Big Brother Canada Feeds are back and we have the Power of Veto competition spoiler results ready to share with you.

This week’s Veto competition included everyone left in the house so everyone had a chance at the most coveted power of the week.

Today’s Veto comp was of the utmost importance as it allows the winner to control the final noms of the season. If anyone other than the HoH wins the power then he/she will also be the only HG to cast an eviction vote.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results:

Emmett won the Veto in this week’s competition.

Well that pretty much locks things down for the power couple, huh? Emmett won’t use the Veto because that just wouldn’t make any sense. Gary and Talla are on the block and they’ll remain there making Emmett the only HG to cast a vote this weekend.

Right now it looks like Emmett will be voting to evict Talla making the Final 3 Jillian, Emmett, and Gary. I guess we won’t be surprised by a F2 with just the power couple, right? We won’t know for sure what happens until Wednesday night due to the Feeds ending on Sunday afternoon.

Are you happy with the Veto results? Who do you hope is evicted?