Big Brother Canada Week 10: Nominations Episode 27 Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the final nominations ceremony will be held, “but first” we’ll have to watch the conclusion of the Head of Household competition. No, it wasn’t an endurance race. Instead Thursday’s show cut off in the middle of the Q&A competition. Kinda random. So now we’ll watch the last few rounds and find out what we already know: who won HoH this week.

The nomination ceremony was held on Saturday along with the Veto competition. The latter was far more critical to the final days of Big Brother so be sure to check our spoilers page for those details.

Don’t forget to enjoy your last few hours of the Big Brother Feeds as they’ll be cut off today at noon. Farewell, Feeds! We hope you return with a Flashback feature next year.

Are you ready to crown a winner of Big Brother Canada? The season wraps up this Thursday with the finale show on May 2, 2013. Good times ahead!

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