Big Brother Canada Week 10: Nominations Episode 27 Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the final nominations ceremony will be held, “but first” we’ll have to watch the conclusion of the Head of Household competition. No, it wasn’t an endurance race. Instead Thursday’s show cut off in the middle of the Q&A competition. Kinda random. So now we’ll watch the last few rounds and find out what we already know: who won HoH this week.

The nomination ceremony was held on Saturday along with the Veto competition. The latter was far more critical to the final days of Big Brother so be sure to check our spoilers page for those details.

Don’t forget to enjoy your last few hours of the Big Brother Feeds as they’ll be cut off today at noon. Farewell, Feeds! We hope you return with a Flashback feature next year.

Are you ready to crown a winner of Big Brother Canada? The season wraps up this Thursday with the finale show on May 2, 2013. Good times ahead!

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    • They haven’t even done the eviction yet or hoh comp. but I thinkin yeah he has a really good shot at winning.

    • Yeah they can’t tell who won yet… but I love all these “Emmett” fans that cannot spell his name right! Its almost everyone!

  1. I have heard that Gary and BBCA has violated it’s own rule about outside influence when Gary went to the hospital. This late in the game could this have any affect on the game?

    • Think they already violated that when they didn’t isolate the jury members from each other then bringing back Gary.

      • I agree , its not fair that they brought Gary back in when he had the chance to speak with the people in the jury house , they werent aloud to talk to each other before entering the house so why is it fair that they are able to talk to each other then bring someone back in . Same like what they did to Topaz and make everyone listen in to what she was thinking of doing . I personaly think Jillian or Emmett should win cause they are the one that most deserve it ,espicially Jillian , she has won most then anyone in the house , yes it came with lies along the way but that is part of the game Anyone would do the same thing being in that position . I know its the first season for BBC and I like watching it but I think they should change some things its theres gonna be a season 2

    • It should , they should announce tonight that Gary broke the rule and take him out. They were quick to DQ everyone else.

  2. Okay so on the live feeds Emmett has been freaking out if he got DQ from POV because POV ceremony hasn’t happened yet and there on lock down and building something in the backyard. They are thinking a re do in the pov comp but I don’t think it’s that. Last episode said there is an eviction Wednesday but is that live? I thought Last veto ceremony they evict at it as well. So I’m guessing they are building the endurance hoh comp right now and someone getting evicted today or tomorrow. Because if Wednesday live that doesn’t make sense to do the hoh endurance comp that night then do the next hoh comp and the final hoh comp in just 24 hours.

  3. I love that Arisa let them violate the rules of the HoH by showing their answers way too early on a question only Gary got correct. Certainly no coincidence.
    Emmett better keep his veto. I know they want to try and find a way to give it to Gary, but this is insane.

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