Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 27 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada episode 27

Last night’s episode of Big Brother Canada was a busy one. Starting off with the conclusion of last week’s Head of Household competition. This win would guarantee a ticket to the Final three this season.

Beyond that the remaining HGs took a walk down memory lane as they dressed in their fanciest clothes and enjoyed an awards style dinner while reflecting on the inaugural season. By the end of the show the final nominees of the season were named as this week’s HoH put two last HGs on the block. Watch on to get caught up and ready for the last two shows of Big Brother Canada 2013.

Big Brother Canada Episode 27 – Video:

Did you really expect anyone else to be nominated? Stick with us all week as we’ll watch for any Big Brother spoilers out in the wild and will share them with you.


    • Because she playing a game and in case Talla wins she would take her! I don’t understand why people take such offense to people telling a lie in the big brother house. This is not real life do you have 12 people trying to kick you out of your house!?!

      • I know it is a game,I looked at most of the big brothers shows .This is the main reason why Dan never won that time around because of all his lies and backstabbing.This is my opinion.

        • He didn’t win because he won the game before and people wanted to see someone else win. Some of the jury members even said that in the post show interview. And see this is what I hate Dan backstabs everyone and doesn’t win and then everyone jumps on that bandwagon. If you watched other seasons of big brother tere have been many winner who played same game and won! BB2 Will BB5 Drew BB7 Boogie BB8 Dick BB13 Rachel everyone hated her still won. You never know how the jury going to vote there been so many surprise votes over the years.

        • I agree Kandi about Dan. I just don’t want Talla to win. People think she is there because of her social game but the truth is, she is only there B/C of Emmetts and Jill’s game….and also Andrews before everyone stabbed him in the back But NOT because of Talla’s game. Talla doesn’t even know what game she’s playing half the time. All she does it talk, screams and looks at herself in the mirror…IF she isn’t picking fights or putting words in other peoples mouth.

          • I want to see Gary wins the POV and get himself off the block.The last episode will be interesting.With Talla,it will be Bored.This chick plays dumb,but they are actually taking her further into the game.Time to get rid of that dead weight.

  1. You go Dusty so true. Like no one else has lied to people in this game. Plus she’s the only one that always has to put people up on the block because she WINS hoh all the time!! Go Jillian do not get sucked in by that cutie Emmitt

  2. I can’t believe Talla was pouting b/c someone else was talking for ONCE!!! She is so selfish and Self Centered!!! All the chic does is admire herself in the mirror. I was touched by what Gary said about winning BB. I did have a hard time being touched by what Talla said simply b/c the girl is ALWAYS the VICTIM!!! PLUS… She is ALWAYS complaining and stating how H-A-R-D everything is. I guess that’s what happens when one cries (or in Talla’s case SCREAMS) Wolf too many time!!!!
    I hope Gary wins.

    • AGree – AGREE – AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talla is so immature she needs to GROW UP and get out of that house!! She is such a bad looser too, I cant wait to see her face when they kick her to the curb but it wont be her fault b/c as she says It’s NEVER her fault!!!!
      Team GARY!!! All The Way!!!

  3. Jury will never give it to anyone other than Gary if it comes right down to it. He played an amazing game as well as others. He has clearly overcome many obstacles and is strong. That is my prediction.

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