Big Brother Canada: Feeds Are Down For The Season

Big Brother Canada FOTH

The Big Brother Canada Feeds are now down and gone for the remainder of the season. Having shut off midday Sunday we won’t be able to watch the Veto Ceremony results today per our usual routine, of course I think we can easily guess how that’ll turn out based on who won the PoV.

Instead we’ll be left waiting until Wednesday night at 9PM on Slice when the show returns and reveals not only what happens with the Power of Veto, but also which HG is evicted next and who remains to form the season’s final three.

While the Feeds are now gone we can reflect back on a full, but seemingly quick season of Big Brother Canada. What a blast! The Feeds were high quality and FOTH-music free. I’d still trade both of those things for a Flashback feature like we’ve enjoyed on the US version’s Big Brother Live Feeds. Maybe next season.

Should any spoilers leak out we’ll be sure to share them with you here and post updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts so be sure to join us on each of those.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on who you would like to see end up in the final three this season. We’ll know for sure in just a few days!