Big Brother Canada: Finale Week – Who Goes Next?

Big Brother Canada episode 27

Tomorrow night on Big Brother Canada another HG will be evicted to form this season’s Final 3. It’s quite possible the next eviction has already taken place since the Feeds have been down since Sunday. I haven’t seen any leaks other than a funny but obviously fake one about Aneal going back in to the house with a Diamond Power of Veto (It’s not true. I promise.)

So who will be the next HG evicted? Read on for the spoilerish discussion and see who we expect to be sent packing just days short of the finale.

The last Veto was won by Emmett so the nominations of Gary and Talla will remain the same. One of those two will go.

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Jillian is worried about Talla’s abilities in an endurance competition which will likely be part of the final three-part HoH competition, if Big Brother Canada follows the pattern of Big Brother US on this one. Tack that on to Jimmett’s belief that no one will vote for Gary since he lucked his way in to a top spot in the game and it’s looking like curtains for Talla’s chances at the big prize.

The benefits to keeping Talla over Gary are that she hasn’t won anything all season. Well, except for our hearts, of course! I’m kidding (unless you are a die-hard Talla fan, then I’m not kidding). I’d rather go up against Talla in the final HoH competition than Gary who has actually done fairly well in comps, but that’s me.

The vote will be up to Emmett so he’ll ultimately decided though we can expect it to be agreed to by Jillian in advance.

Come Wednesday night when we get back inside the Big Brother Canada house I’m expecting to watch as Talla is sent packing and Gary moves on with Jillian and Emmett to the final three.

What do you think will happen? Would you vote to evict Gary and Talla?