Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Big Brother Canada

The nomination ceremony is over for the last time on the debut season of Big Brother Canada. Now that the Feeds are back we can confirm who was nominated.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 10 Nominations:

  • Talla
  • Gary

No surprises here. We discussed earlier how these would be Jillian’s picks. She definitely wasn’t going to Emmett though she may be forced to renom him soon depending on how the Veto competition goes. So yes, these noms are inconsequential. The real action comes with the Power of Veto this week as the winner will be the only HG (other than HoH) safe from eviction and voting.

What do you think of Jillian’s nominations this week?


  1. SO disappointed that Jillian won! There, had to say it!

    It would seem that none of these HGs are playing wisely. Dan’s advice was dead on when it came to who to align with. Jillian is playing for second place and I hope desperately that Gary or Talla win the POV and take themselves off the block! Would love to see Emmit go home! I dislike it in the US version and hate it in ours: Power Trips!! It’s hard to watch all these egos take over and makes for a boring show.

    Here’s hoping that this week marks a big move and upsets all the baskets so we can finally see some serious game play.

    All that aside, Talla is HILARIOUS and I could watch her all the time!!! So very funny!!! AND, sad to see my two fellow BC gentlemen not in the finals.

    • Seems all jillian does it win fitness challenges…she doesnt have a brain or any thoughts of her own and evn if she does she lets emmet bully her into doing what he wants.

      • Plus emmet dumped his real girlfriend to go on the show….and will probably cut off jillian after he wins……silly gurl.

  2. I think Jillian is a predictable fool. Taking Emmitt to the end, seals her fate to lose and it irks me that a cheating cry baby will probably win.

    • Another thing that bugs me about her is that she LIED! I know it’s only a game… but (now I might be wrong… my memory isn’t particularly great) I don’t recall any of the US players making a promise to save someone and then turning on that promise that same week! I do not know why no one is throwing it back in her face or reminding each other of it EVERY TIME she makes a promise! I know what my opinion of her would be and right to her face (or, perhaps behind her back, but at least out loud!).

      Like on all BB shows, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Every time there’s these Power Trips they forget IMMEDIATELY after losing their HOH how horrible they were to everyone and are shocked at how the others play with their limited power.

      It irks me that as the HOH they feel like they have “power” once they put people up on the block… Hello, it’s the other people in the house that have all the power at that point and they be beyond your puny reach.

      Start thinking for yourselves or your doom is sealed! 😉

      • I didnt like how during the whole season when hoh’s didnt knw who to nominate they alwaz felt at ease to “just” nominate the minorities…..

  3. If I was Jillian I would of put Emmett on the block so he had a chance to win veto and save himself. it’s almost like a back door cause if Gary wins And Emmett goes up Gary will vote out emmett she made a bad call this time.

  4. Ha everybody lies in this show! Calm down I’m sure they aren’t horrible people. Hell, Gary hasn’t said any truth since he stepped back in the house. Jillian is a strong player and that’s why she is Hoh. good for her!

  5. What do I think of Jillian’s nominations? Boring. I really hope Emmet has to go up. Otherwise, this thing just plays out exactly as everyone predicted it would. Yawn.

  6. Don’t these people know how to play BIG BROTHER??
    Honestly, they are too nice-nice with each other. You can certainly tell it’s a Canadian version because if it was in the USA they would backstab and cheat their way to the top, mo matter who they hurt along the way.
    It’s just too excitement.
    I strongly feel that if Jillian would get rid of Emmett and take Talla to the end, Jillian would win hands down. Jillian is the strongest player by far. I love “Nutalla”, she made me laugh all the time and certainly made the show less boring. Thanks Talla!
    But it’s a no brainer here…. Jillian should be the winner!!!

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