Big Brother Canada: Week 10 Nomination Anticipation

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

This is it. The final set of nominations for the season. After this we’ll be awaiting the season premiere of Big Brother 15 in late June for the next set of noms. Unfortunately these nominations won’t be dramatic and are entirely predictable now that we know who is holding the power as HoH. Read on to find out who will be on the chopping block and what will happen next in the BBCA house.

Last night after the eviction episode ended the Head of Household competition concluded and Jillian walked away with the win. Shocking, right? She’ll have three options to pick from later when she announces this week’s Big Brother nominations. Gary, Talla, and Emmett are all that remain as options. See where this is going?

Gary and Talla will be this week’s nominations for eviction. A no brainer, but also no real indicator of who will be the final noms.

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The final nominations will be set by this week’s Power of Veto. The holder of the Veto can entirely change up the game’s landscape and become the sole voter this week.

Some have said this week’s HoH is inconsequential, but I’d disagree. Jillian’s win gives her safety and a guaranteed seat in the final three and a spot in the three part HoH competition that goes with it. That’s huge. But the Veto will be just as big if not bigger.

We’ll keep watching for the official nomination results plus the Veto outcome. Stick with us all weekend as we watch and enjoy the pending end of the Feeds as they shut down on Sunday at noon!