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Andrew - Big Brother Canada

Another big night on Big Brother Canada with Thursday’s eviction episode. Another HG was evicted, we watched the Final 4 formed, again, and a new HoH competition was held. That last part didn’t finish in the episode so you’ll have to jump over to our Big Brother Canada spoilers results to see what happened there.

If you missed last night’s show then be sure to watch it in the video below. We’re just a week away from the season finale where we’ll find out who won Big Brother Canada.

Big Brother Canada Episode 26 – Video:

Are you happy with the eviction results? What do you think of this final four set of HGs?


  1. Don’t know why you would want comments. It’s the producers game not the players. Gary should have been eliminated due to not finishing his punishments and the fact that he broke the rules with outside contact when he went to hospital and his family was there. No no no Big Brother, you have penilized everybody else in the house, Gary needs to be sent back to jury house and Andrew needs to be brought back in NOW.

    • AS to your comment about Gary’s family having had contact while he sought medical attention… (can’t address it as I don’t know if it’s true ) But let me say as a Mother IF my child’s 21 year old eye sight where at risk and NO money is worth that NO one would keep me away…(especially given his art is his life don’t you get it make-up art , fashion and expression) His sight is his future !!!
      As to the whining about the twists in the game … It was a Canada votes deal .PERIOD !!! I personally think it’s been an exciting game and I truly wonder if a say Alec or A.J return would have spurned this much whinging on !!! I am glad to see everyone loose their sh_t in the game… That’s when the players need to ante up their game…

      • I am a mother as well and I agree if it was my child, I would want to be there as well. However, they should not have had contact personally with him due to contest rules. I would have thrown away the money as well but rules are rules. It has been an exciting game but others were punished for their mistakes and there should not be any exceptions. Whats good for one is good for the rest. I’m sorry that Gary was hurt but like other games he should have been taken out. This is not personal against Gary. I think Gary is a fantastic player and the only one to make any bold moves this season but rules are rules.

        • I can appreciate your perspective and see your point as well. If he was given proper medical attention and the family was apprised that would be the right decision . ( I was speculating ,as I don’t know if his family saw him) I agree about rules and too have enjoyed the season. I think all are playing their best game. I look toward seeing it all play out and thanks for your input. I trust some bold moves will need to happen to get things all shook up ….

      • no kidding ah!!! I say thanks for stopping into the site by accident of course. It’s a guilty pleasure for many of us and we do support Big Brother Canada and look forward to many successful seasons…

  2. I don’t know why people keep putting down Emmet and Jill. Just because it is not their favorite does not change how they have fought to win comps. They have every right being in the final four. If it was your favorite players winning all the time and in a showmance then it would be ok. This game is all about lying and

    backstabbing . It is a game folks so give credit where credit is due. Just my thought tho

  3. talla has the attitude of a little brat and doesn’t deserve to even be there. and she’s also fake.

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