Big Brother Canada Results: Who Won Big Brother Canada 5?

We’re set to find out who won Big Brother Canada 5 as the season finale arrives with the last three Houseguests ready to face off in the three last comps of the season before standing in front of the Jury for their votes.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

There’s a lot to get to tonight in the two-hour season finale that end with either Demetres, Karen, or Kevin being crowned the winner of BBCAN5. Let’s settle in and see how these final comps play out. And please, no spoilers in the comments section.

Karen is up against two tough competitors, but she may be in a great spot if both of the guys want to take her on to the F2. No chance either of the guys would take the other, right? Nah. Probably not, but it’ll still be a crazy night if someone did something foolish like that. All the same, only one of the guys will likely get to the very end and then it’s kudos for Karen for making it as well.

We’ll be updating these results live through the show with all three final Head of Household competition results, the last eviction of the season, and then the Jury votes. Read on for the Big Brother Canada 5 winner results.

Final HoH – Round 1:
Demetres wins! He beat out Kevin and Karen in a balance challenge to rest blocks on a balancing board (Survivor style). Demetres will move on to the third round and sit out the second.

Final HoH – Round 2:
Last chance for the other two HGs as they have one more shot at making it to the F2. This one is a timed comp with a memory recall for events from the season. They have to run rope between names to connect them in order to form constellations for the space theme.

Kevin finished in 12 mins while Karen took 41 mins. Well no kidding, Kevin wins R2!

Final HoH – Round 3:
Winners of the first two rounds, Demetres and Kevin, have one more comp, the last of the season. This round’s winner will decide who to evict and who moves on to face the Jury.

  • Round 1: Both get a point
  • Round 2: Both get a point
  • Round 3: Kevin gets a point
  • Round 4: Kevin gets a point
  • Round 5: Kevin gets a point

Kevin wins the round! He is the final HoH and will move on to the F2 with either Karen or Demetres. Well this should be obvious.

BBCAN5 Finale – Eviction:
The last HG of the season evicted is… Demetres.

Kevin and Karen will now face off before the Jury.

Jury Votes:

  • Neda votes to support: Kevin
  • Sindy votes to support: Kevin
  • Bruno votes to support: Kevin
  • Jackie votes to support: Kevin
  • William votes to support: Kevin
  • Dre votes to support: Kevin
  • Dillon votes to support: Kevin
  • Ika votes to support: Kevin
  • Demetres votes to support: Kevin

BBCAN5 Finale – Winner: That Kevin Martin!

Big Brother Canada might be over for the year, but Big Brother 19 starts in just a few more weeks! Join us at for our all coverage this summer!