Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 5’: Season Finale & Winner Crowned

It’s the final episode of the season for Big Brother Canada 5 and you won’t want to miss the show as we prepare to find out who is taking home the crown.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

We just saw Ika evicted and the F3 of Demetres, Karen, and Kevin prepare to face off again in the three last competitions of the season. Big night ahead for BBCAN5!

Things kick off one hour early tonight. That’s super important to note. 7PM ET instead of 8PM ET. If you show up at the regular time then you will have missed the first half of the show! 7/6c on Global, okay?

We’re going to be here watching everything through the show so be sure to join us. And if you want to make sure the results stay a surprise then skip social media and avert your eyes. The finale will be taped in advance and the results will leak out so you’ve been warned.

Okay, so who is going to win? This one is coming down to Demetres and Kevin, right? I’m expecting the two of them to win the first two rounds and face off in the third. Of course, it’s entirely possible for Karen to get to R3, but come on. So whichever guy wins R3 will evict the other and bring Karen along to the end. That’ll make an easy choice for the Jury, right?

So who is going to win Big Brother Canada 5? Share your pick below and then join us back here tonight at 7PM ET and chat along with fans as we await the official results.