Big Brother Canada On Hold As BBCAN6 Future Uncertain – Update: Renewed

Big Brother Canada may not be coming back for its sixth season next year after the series lead, host Arisa Cox, announced that BBCAN would be going on “hiatus” in lieu of confirmation of another season.

Update: Congratulations to BBCAN! Global announced their revised decision as the series has indeed been picked up again for Season 6 next year.

Big Brother Canada on Global

With the fifth season having just wrapped up last month I was hoping to hear news of BBCAN6’s confirmation but instead things went in the opposite direction, well almost. Instead of straight out cancelling the show Global instead announced that Big Brother Canada would be taking a break.

Word started to spread Monday afternoon on Twitter and Arisa Cox soon stepped in to confirm while thanking all those involved in the past five excellent seasons.

It’s very disappointing to hear Big Brother Canada is going on hold. The series has been fantastic with a great spin on what we’ve come to expect from BBUS. Inspired competitions, great dynamics in the cast, a beautiful house setting (though I still prefer the OG house!), and a wonderful host. It all came together so well and delivered on what most fans could possibly want from Big Brother.

So what’s next for BBCAN? The show hasn’t been cancelled which hopefully means Global is looking for how to retool things and make it work again rather than just giving up on the show. Maybe it’ll shift back to Slice, its original home channel, where there could be lower expectations or requirements for its ratings. The show worked great there so I wouldn’t mind seeing it return and I’m sure fans will follow where ever it goes.

For now we’ll have to settle in and wait to see what happens. We may not see BBCAN6 in 2018 but can hope it’ll return soon and when it does I’m sure the fans will line up to support it.

What’s your take on Big Brother Canada’s return being put on hold? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Well maybe if they had geared it for all audiences it would have had better ratings. Every year there was only 1 mature person…thankfully this yr Karen proved we can make it past the 1st week. Thier second mistake this yr was bringing back past players…way toi early for that.

  2. This is sad news indeed. I jumped through hoops in order to watch this season..but maybe that’s the point. If Global had made it easier for non-Canadians to watch it, they might have seen a profit. I for one, would have gladly paid to watch it on a stable platform instead of relying on those questionable sights I had to go to in order to get my fix. When are these Reality TV producers going to recognize that there is a worldwide market for their product.

  3. Rob Cesternino has started a Change(dot)org petition in order to save BBCan. I don’t know if it’ll do any good, but it couldn’t hurt to sign it.

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