Big Brother Canada 6 Casting: Apply Now To Be A Houseguest

Big Brother Canada on Slice

Big Brother Canada 6 casting is underway and the open calls are about to hit the streets as well so you’ve got plenty of chances to be one of next season’s Houseguests. You don’t have too much time though because the application deadline for BBCAN6 is October 28, 2017 so hurry it up already!

First you’ve got the online application method after you check all the eligibility requirements (like making you’ll be at least 19 years old by next February). Plus there are tips on putting together your video to upload with the application.

Want to audition in person instead of uploading a video? No problem. There are currently nine events (check the official list for the latest details) in the coming weeks for your chance to wow the casting producers:

Best of luck to all the BBCAN hopefuls. If you’ve been thinking of doing this then you better hurry up since you never know how many more chances the series will get after its miraculous resurrection this past season. Fingers crossed for plenty more.