Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night? 5/13/2015

Last night on Big Brother Canada the latest in a seemingly non-stop series of twists and game-shakers hit the BBCAN3 house with surprising results for the Houseguests as nearly everything the Houseguests have done in the past week was rendered pointless and it was all back up in the air.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

Yes, it looked like Godfrey’s plan to have no plan might be the best approach in the game. Think you’ve worked hard to set yourself up for a prime position in the game? Think again because your competitor was just handed a golden wand and you’re about to go home.

Unfortunately for these BBCAN3 HGs, no one ever said Big Brother was fair as Brittnee will unleash her special power and pick one or two new nominees to take her place on the hot seat. Let’s see if it’s Zach or Bruno heading out the door tonight in the latest eviction.

Coup D’Etat Twist:
Arisa announces to the house details of Brittnee’s special power and how she can remove one or both of tonight’s noms plus name the renoms.

Brittnee saves herself and Godfrey. She names Bruno and Zach as the renoms, but says Zach is just a pawn.

Eviction Vote – Week 8:

  • Pilar votes to evict Bruno
  • Sarah votes to evict Bruno
  • Godfrey votes to evict Bruno
  • It’s official
  • Brittnee votes to evict Bruno

By a vote of 4-0, Bruno Ielo has been evicted.

Head of Household Comp – Week 9:
This week’s challenge is 100 Minutes of Hell and has the five players in a glass casket. They have to guess when 100 minutes hits and the closest to the mark wins Head of Household.

We’ll jump on the Feeds and find out who won HoH tonight. Spoilers soon.

What do you think of tonight’s BBCAN3 results? Were the right choices made?


  1. Brittnee was seriously pushing the limits of not being able to tell HGs about this the past few days. I don’t think BB was going to do anything though and risk upturning their big twist after Bruno’s ownership of a power was such a flop.

  2. I think targeting Bruno at this point over Zach is a mistake. Ashleigh and Pilar will NOT target Zach, but they would have been willing to flip on Bruno. Plus Zach stays as a trio with the ladies. Bruno would not have that advantage.

  3. So is it zach or Bruno that’s rhetorical btw I hope Bruno I want zach to stay so he can help Ashley and Pilar get final 2

  4. The Coup d’Etat was used correctly. I do not care who becomes the 6th member of the jury, but I am happy right now.

  5. “We need to make game decision moves, not personal moves” *Vote out Bruno for Personal Reasons*

  6. Honestly.. SHOCKED Zach survived that eviction. Admittedly happy.. Wonder what the godfather has in store for us when “he decides to stop throwing comps” LOL

  7. I think the producers and “twistos” need to back off the show. I’ve watched every BB and BBC episode since the beginning, and all these influences by Canada votes and the twists are more frustrating then anything!! Any true fan of the show has to admit we want to see a true player play the game that got to the final spot based on their own game play merit and strategy not because of viewer votes and twists. Sure the twists can add a little excitement but every other episode !!?? Come on!! Pick people to play you believe can entertain the viewers without the constant twists and votes. And seriously a triple eviction now a double!!? Its too much and it’s taken from the true game.

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