Big Brother Canada 3: Brittnee Faces Critical Twist Decision

When the Big Brother Canada version of a Coup D’Etat twist hits the BBCAN3 house tonight we’ll see its holder, Brittnee Blair, faced with a difficult and very important decision: who goes up on the block?

Brittnee receives Twist power on BBCAN3
Brittnee receives Twist power on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

We know for sure that Brittnee will come down, but who will go up in her place or if there are two vacancies, then who will fill the second spot?

I still believe the obvious choices are Bruno and Zach but that still leaves us with a big choice for the rest of the voting Houseguests: who should be evicted?

Brittnee has been debating with Sarah on the Feeds this morning who is the bigger, more important target: Bruno or Zach? Sarah has leaned toward Zach while Brittnee keeps returning to Bruno. If both of those options are on the block then Brittnee and Sarah’s opinions are equal when it comes to voting power, but with Ashleigh posed to break any ties they would likely need to agree on Zach to make that happen with any certainty.

Godfrey has suggested Bruno is a better option to keep in his talks with the ladies earlier today so I think he’d vote to evict Zach, but Pilar would probably go after Bruno. If Brittnee and Sarah split their votes then watch for Ashleigh to break against Bruno and keep Zach.

Sarah argued that this would be their chance to get out Zach because relying on Ashleigh and Pilar to target Zach later would be less likely than Godot making a surprise visit to the house. (My words, not Sarah’s.)

I think Sarah is right, but if Brittnee has her heart set on Bruno then that’s probably what will happen. It seems unlikely that she’d risk leaving Godfrey up on the block with a gamble that the house would keep Godfrey over Bruno, but these Houseguests continue to surprise me.

What do you think will happen and is that different from what you think should happen during tonight’s Big Brother Canada 3 eviction show? Join us back here at 9/8c for the live blog results. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates for even more BBCAN coverage.


  1. The fix is in:
    I think the rest of the houseguest should have been able to compete for the secret power as well. This was staged so Britnee could be safe as well as Sarah

        • why not? i’d believe they have their own agenda even if the houseguests aren’t aware of it, remember the look of pure surprise on arisa’s face when talla voted jillian at the end of season 1? she completely expected gary to take it, the fact that gary came back at all is suspect, i personally can’t remember all that much from season one, but the gear HoH comp that would have saved greg? that was totally rigged against him and bruno, every aspect of that game was designed for sarah and brittnee (so she could put her greg plan into play) and that “triple eviction” was made to be used against the power players, had they actually DONE the triple eviction as a triple eviction there was a 100% chance that kevin and godfrey would have controlled the game, i personally don’t think that the houseguests are involved but big brother definitely has their own agenda when it comes to which Hg they’re backing

          • I totally agree, I think they decided early that Brit was going to be Canadas player and they have literally kept her safe. if you watch right from the beginning she was given so much airtime, she was the play by play announcer. We didn’t even hear some of the players speak for weeks. Its totally rigged this year.

          • I agree but there’s only 2 weeks left, no way I can stop watching it know but I really don’t know if I can watch next year after this 🙁

          • I guess you don’t want to believe that production can change their plans at anytime.

          • Depends if something beyond everyone’s control happened, like say someone made a voluntary exit, broke the rules thus was forcefully evicted, among any unforeseeable circumstances.

          • Or maybe you just don’t like the fact that BBCAN is fully realizing what the BBUS format can achieve with its full potential.

  2. I thought that Brit would have to pick someone from her side and the opposing side of the house, if she were to take both her and godfrey down?

  3. I agree, very fixed this veto was. I don’t know why ppl voted for brit and sarah to compete for the veto. with all the BS twists, why don’t they just tell everyone okay we have our F2, so you all can go over to jury now. One more twist where it sets up these two non-players, BBC will lost a lot of their followers. B will put bruno and zach up, i hope B sticks to wanting bruno out and doesn’t allow sarah to take over her award, like sarah did getting graig out.

    • Guys, you dont get it, they dont care how we vote, they probably dont even look at the vote they just put the two people who they thought would keep viewers watching

  4. Ron, if its from herside and the other side, she would have to put sarah back up (wouldn’t happen though, cause she won veto but we can and bruno..then that would be fantastic, finally sarah would be gone..can’t wait to see what happens tonight

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