Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household Last Night? – Week 9

We have the spoilers on who won HoH last night because the crazy never stops on Big Brother Canada 3 and after last night’s wild ride with the Coup D’Etat twist in the hands of Brittnee we found out if their gamble to target Bruno first worked out for her and Sarah.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

Things ended in the eviction show with Brittnee, Godfrey, Pilar, Sarah, and Zach climbing in to “100 Minutes of Hell” where they’d have to guess when it had been one hundred minutes and jump out at the right time. It was a cliffhanger ending, but Feeds are back and we have the BBCAN3 spoilers.

Sarah Hanlon is the new Head of Household for Week 9 as we close in on the season finale.

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Arisa announced tonight that the twists were done for Season 3 which means it’s everyone for themselves and no more of this silly silver bullets and magic wands to wish away the threats. Time to play out the Final Six and see how makes it to stand before the Jury.

Nominations are coming up on Friday but I don’t think we’re in for any surprises. The ladies are primed to serve up Zach and roll on to the finale.


        • Luck! are you kidding me, BBC basically gave Brit back to back hoh and the first one she had the opportunity to send 2 people out. That’s not luck that’s BBC deciding Brit and Sarah will make to the end. Makes me sick

          • Yes that is true..but if it was the other way around we would of all hated Zach and his alliance for getting the power each time unfairly… I guess big brother wanted the underdogs to take the win.

          • I think you still missed the point. Canada voted them to be have nots not BBCAn. Zach wasted his hoh and then wants to rule everyone else’s. He is no ore a player than anyone else in the house.

          • Canada did not vote for these losers. bbc picked them, theres no way they would have won a popularity vote. Two of the most annoying hg ever.

          • I agree, I don’t think the people that we actualy voted for to be Have Nots were counted. They already decided that Brit and sarah woud be the have nots, the votes were just to make us think we had a say in any of it…sad

          • Are you high? Did you even check twitter? Everyone LOVES them and all votes I saw on twitter were S&B. Also if you went to a live taping, EVERYONE is rooting for them 2 so your BS conspiracy theory is invalid.

          • Idiot did you here when Brit and Sarah went to cast their votes for Brunos live eviction. There was no cheering what so ever, complete silence. The audience obviously are not cheerring for these 2 floaters. They knew that Bruno who actually had a game plan was sitting there unfairly while it clearly should have been Brit. How can you argue that you Fool she was put on the block by the hoh and the house wanted her gone. Bbc was and is the only reason shes still in the house. These are facts FOOL.

          • You’re an idiot. I was there yesterday. Everyone wanted Zach out NOT Bruno so that’s why no one “cheered”. Everyone was shocked when they wanted to save Zach. Did you hear the applause and how the audience went crazy when Britnee saved herself and Godfrey? Did you hear how happy everyone was when she nomed Zach and Bruno? Brit and Sarah are fan faves so get over it. Did you watch the side show this week? When Peter said that Zach is gonna win only his friends who were in the audience cheered. When Annick said Sarah and Godfrey need to win this HoH, the audience went crazy. So unless you were there or are on twitter, you have NO idea how popular Brit and Sarah are.

            Please check twitter it’s all there.

          • Exactly, the powers were unfair regardless of who got them. BBC have literally dictated who stays and gos and this is why the show sucks this yr. Their not allowing the hg to play

          • Canada voted them for the have nots, if it was zach or bruno then they would have had the secret veto.and been in control, so why is BBC deciding B or S WILL MAKE it to the end? S won veto yes by luck but it was luck for everyone. Perhaps now will really see who can play with their social game, loyality and strategy!

      • Yes, indeed! Everyone seems to think he’s this big gameplayer but I’ve yet to see him be great. Maybe, we’ll see a shift when he’s in trouble!

        • Possibly…but I disagree..he is a game player…he’s kept himself in with a game strategy he’s spun. He might not be everyone’s favourite…but we have to give him some credit.

          • I believe he is a gameplayer but not a big one. I actually like Zach I just prefer Brittnee and Sarah. He hasn’t really made moves, big or small, all he’s done is talk about targeting people but hasn’t done much to actually do it. He put his closest ally on the block and kept him on the block after he won the veto. That was a laughable move and I believe it cost him the game.

  1. BTW, Matt, finale is in 2 weeks. 6 jurors right now. Double eviction next week, that’s 8. Then finale night one jurors and that’s 9. Unless they do another double on finale night, we have 9 jurors and 3 sitting before them.

  2. Do you people not realize the ONLY reason Brit and Sarah are still in the house is because of the ridiculous unfair powers they have received

    • Nope. The first HOH Brittnee won, she got a big player out. She would still do so without any twists and have threats sent packing. Even with a double eviction, Brittnee would have probably still put Kevin and Zach up with either one of them winning.

      • Yeah but with a normal eviction she could have put those to guys up and with Bruno using veto Zach she had no control in the house vote wise due to her unpopularity. So likely would not have gotten anyon big out. The twists are unfair and are the only reason shes still in the house

      • They both won hoh comps and they have social game as well. How many times have i heard Hg say Pilar is a great person. The ability to make friends and form aliances is called strategy. Something that means nothing this year.

        • Actually, since you seem to be criticizing everyone’s opinion but your own, Pilar and Ashleigh did not win a thing until AFTER their showman cars had been going on for weeks. Had they won HOH before they attached themselves to Kevin and Zach like leeches, I’d maybe agree with you but the diapers was formed LONG BEFORE either of those two girls won HOH. At least keep the facts straight please and thank you. Credit should go where credit is due and Brittany won HOH ON HER OWN WITHOUT A SHOWMANCE and made a big move in getting out Graig. You may not like Brittany, but the facts are there. She IS a better player than Zach. If Brittany didn’t have any social game, despite being thought of as a “weak” player, she would have gone out when she was a pawn. The pawns that are kept aren’t just kept for being weak. Ashleigh and Pilar wouldn’t have been in the house long enough to even win HOH if it weren’t for Zach and Kevin. And that isn’t just my opinion, that is fact based on watching every episode this season. I don’t make judgements based on my opinion, I make it on facts, therefore, what I’m saying is accurate. Hate on B all you want but she’s going to be one of the players sitting in front of that jury.

  3. Wow what a show!!!!!! Kevin sent home unfairly, Bruno sent packing. Now Zachs in trouble despite the fact they had the strongest games. The show completely unfair. Its obvious BBC decided Sarah and Brit are going to be in top running. Why is it all the special powers benefit Brit and sarah and the strong side of the house who were actually playing get penalized

    • shut up Zac is an idiothe wasn’t playing come on his HOH he got rid of his best friend everytime Britney is HOH she gets rid of big players that’s how you play the game

      • Britnee has gained majority of her power from twists. Sarah has only won due to luck. They are not still there because they have a strong game, they are there because they get ratings.

        • At least Brittnee didn’t waste the power she earned and use it for the benefit of her game. It may have cost others their place but that’s how the game is.

          Chance-based competition puts everyone on a level-playing field, especially with ones like this week’s HOH challenge. Sarah definitely earned what is already an overdue HOH for her.

          What lacks a strong game is not getting big players our and keeping them around for too long, and strategies like that backfire.

          • Sure,a level playing field. Ashleigh didn’t get a chance to be HOH last week because of the ridiculous twist and was not allowed to play for HOH this week. Doesn’t seem very balanced to me. And I ‘m really sick of hearing how popular Sarah is with the viewers. She is a whiner, a cry baby with very little game. She may be a BB producer favorite but I refuse to believe Canada likes this girl.

          • Exactly, the show has become kind of a joke. I dont hink anyone should have been given such a power ever and especially so late in the game.

          • The game isn’t “fair.” It’s about luck and strategy. If you’re a player in this game, you have to expect the unexpected, and the twists are there to keep things interesting. Example: it may not be “fair” that Sindy got back into the house, but that’s just how the game works. In addition to that, Sarah (and Godfrey) have the most game. They’ve been the target for many weeks and they did not have the numbers, and yet they’re still in the house. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, I am not saying either one of us is right or wrong, and all opinions are equal, however, i am just pointing out that in the BB house, there is no such thing as “fair.”

          • You bet, we do see this very differently. Big Brother gifting Britt with not one but two vetoes and the right to name the person replacing her on the block is tampering.
            I’m not a Bruno fan but he didn’t deserve that and Brittanee did not deserve those powers. I don’t believe Canada if we had known, would have voted for Sarah and Britt to recieve the chance at these kind of powers. I truly think BB is trying to manipulate the winner and overplayed their hand on this one. Still,this is just entertainment, just a tv show, and very interesting how we all interpret the same event. And these debates back and forth with other viewers is half if not more of the fun.

      • He got rid of him because it was good for his game, the guy put a huge target on Zach by lewping in his arms. He did this on his own without any special power. Like a tripple eviction you moron. The tripple was a guarantee that to strong people are evicted even with a veto but Brit idiot even messed that up. This she should have been sent home instead her new sprcial power enabled her to be basically hoh again. Shes not making big moves Dummy BBC is.

      • His best friend was a liability and did not benefit his game what so ever. He leaped into Zacs arms showing everyone his alliance with Zach a target. Zach was part of the diaper alliance so why did he need him. Zach and everyone else has regular hohs where its not guaranteed your target goes home. Unlike Brit where she has special powers where she gets to send home 2 people. Which guarantees at least one of her targets go home. A double eviction normally involves 2 hohs which makes it fair but BB gave Brit power of 2 hohs so no matter what she gets who she wants out. So again Brit didnt send home a big player BB did. Then they turn around and twist it so she gets the power of hoh the following week where she would have been sent home. She gets to save herself nominate 2 hgs, vote and still gets to play in next hoh. So explain her great gameplay to me pls. All her moves are because of the rediculous unfair twists BB gave her. She should be in the jury house. Btw im not a Zach fan and I didnt care for Kevin but i dont like BB controlling the game. Anytime someone puts together some sort of stategy like Bruno saving Zach. Thers a Brit twist to ruin their game. Bruno made a brilliant move helping his game and he goes home. The house didnt put Bruno on the block BB did. They Brit up and she was going home. So dont talk to me about gameplay because its not allowed this yr. Its the Brit show so sit back and enjoy it.

    • Sarah and Britnee have been playing the game since they walked through that door. Why do you think Bruno wanted Sarah out? Ashleigh and Pilar haven’t played any game but lets find a showmance. Even when they managed to win an HOH they let the men decide what to do with it.

      • See Bruno using his veto on Zach was huge move. That is called stradegy and put him in a better position in the house but because of BBC giving Brit all the unfair ridiculous powers hes gone. Brit should and would be gone if it wasnt for BBC controlling the game. The fact that she was put on the block 4 times as a pawn shows her weakness. They could have sent her packing any of those times but she was an obvious non threat due to her game play and weak social play. Thats why no one likes her. Including canada.

        • Also, that’s not how production works. All the twists and challanges are decided BEFORE casting even begins. So BBCAN isn’t really controlling the game when is pre-planned out before they even enter the house.

          • Wow you know everything or at least you think you do ,lol. You dont have a clue how things are run, your a nobody just like me. From week one my wife and I made the comment that this seemed like the Brit show. She had more airtime by far than any other house guest. I said well it looks like we know who BB has chosen to be Canadas player. We heard her reaction to everything. Didnt matter what was happenning Brit was always posing in the diary giving the play by play. Sarah and Kevin got quite a bit of airtime as well but not even close to Brits time. This show for sure controls the game and moves people along unfairly especially this yr. Their twists have gotten out of control and it seems like a majority seem to agree with me. They are not allowing players to use any stategy. Never should a player be given the rediculous powers that Brit has been given. I would feel the same way even if it was pilar zach bruno. Its unfair for anyone to receive those powers, let the pkayers play. Winning a hoh should mean something. If they want shake it up give a secret veto or even 2 vetos but to allow a person just coming off an already unfair hoh the power to become essentially hoh for the second consecutive week and completely override the hoh is unfair and a joke. Everybody saying this, talking about boycotting BB. They have ruined the show this yr.

          • I went to 3 live tapings and someone asked when the twists are set. Guess what the producer said? Yeah they’re decided before hand. Also, since when was BB a fair game? That’s right NEVER. Every version of BB is different, they don’t want to be a clone of BBUS. Just now on BBUK someone was evicted in 1 HOUR after entering the house in a twist. Big brother is all about overcoming obstacles and surviving surprizes. It’s the name of the game sorry get over it. I though it was BS for Risha to leave and I got over it. Remember when Brunos veto twist never happened? Yeah it was unfair for those who voted for that twist. Sorry that BBCAN is trying to be different from BBUS and things original and keeps shaking things up.

        • Actually being a pawn so many times and coming off the block every time is a good STRATEGY…. Being a pawn all the time doesn’t make you weak. It makes you good at the game. She hid her true strength and game play abilities enough to convince the people putting her on the block that she is not a threat, therefore, safe to use as a pawn. And they did, they used her as a pawn. If they truly had an idea that Brittany is a fighter and willing to make the moves she has made, she wouldn’t have been the pawn. If Brittany was weak and not playing a good game, during her HOH she would have got rid of the weak players, during her twists she would have got rid of the weak players so no one would come after her. She didn’t do that did she? This proves my point that Brittany is playing one heck of a game.

    • I completely disagree. This is BIG BROTHER! You’re supposed to expect the unexpected and go with what the show throws at you. This game is not uniform and it always changes up-that’s what the HG’s signed up for. The game is not meant to be fair. Also, every version of BB is different (I.E BBUK vs BBUS). These twists is BBCAN’s way of keeping things original. Also the show gets boring when the same side gets the power.

    • Zach needs to be back doored, so put up pili and ash, and then replace one of them with Zach, because then either way PilI and Ash are both just playing for the other and will save the other. Unless Ash is stupid enough to keep Zach over Pili. You just never know.

      • That makes zero sense. Zach will play in the veto regardless, and there’s a good chance he wins veto. So if Sarah puts up Ash and Pili, Zach wins, takes off Ash and Britnee is forced to put up Godfrey. Zach and Ash vote Godfrey out. You’re overthinking here. Backdoor doesn’t make sense with 6 people left.

      • The only problem with that scenario is that if he wins veto and takes one off the block…then Sarah will have to replace with one of her own and that person will go him because of the votes. If Zach is on the block and wins he will use it on himself and then Sarah can name Pili and now they can vote one of them out.

  4. In Brittany’s defence, she won her HOHs by playing hard. They didn’t just hand them to her. She had to WIN them just like everyone else. Brittany is the one who has made big moves, NOT Zach. Sure, he’s managed to manipulate people enough to keep him in the house this long but what big moves has he made? Did he attempt to get out any of the better players? NO! He managed to stupidly get out one of his closest allies when he had a chance to make a move that would prove he was a true competitor and playing a good game. If we want to look at good game players, the two front runners in that category are Brittany and Godfrey. As we all know, pawns usually go home. Look at the amount of times Brittany has been a pawn. Not only that, she has multiple wins under her belt. She has defied the rule that pawns go home. Godfrey has also been on the block a few times. He’s still in the house. Sure Zach has a couple of wins and he’s still in the house despite being nominated twice. But how is he a better player than Brittany? She IS playing a good game despite what you haters seem to think. It takes good game play to ensure that when you are being used as a pawn, you stay a pawn and don’t go home. It takes good game play to pull out wins when the odds are stacked against you. It also takes good game play to make some of the moves she has made. Brittany, more than anyone else, deserves to win. Don’t forget, she had to WIN HOH in order to put up 3 nominees and send 2 home. They didn’t just hand it to her. People may not like Brittany, but she is truly playing the best game. If people can’t accept that, they aren’t a true fan of the show. She has my vote.

    • Agree 1000% I don’t understand why all the hate. She has earned her wins. And Yes Sarah is whinny as hell, but at least she tries. Pili and Ash are the WORST and it makes me sick just watching them coax through the whole show. I do hope that it is either Brit or Sarah against one of those 2 in the end because that would be the easiest win!

      • hell Pili i can never figure out what the hell she is saying, she has marbles in her mouth, sounds like shes drunk. But personally I see her in F2, only because everyone knows they will beat her if the jury goes by game play and not just cause they all thin shes so cute. she has no game.. Ash she is a puppet she does only what zach tells her to..its sad that these girls left their brains at the door..they are playing for the boys, both will do whatever they have to to protect zach, if that keeps up he will win. lets hope the girls smarten up really soon.

        • Totally, but with the new HOH anything is possible and if Zach is the biggest target and he leaves, I would love to see what they both do next!

        • Lol yass….like she stated in her bio she is like Talla..and will apparently come in 3rd like Talla if she continues to do whatever it is sees doing

        • when pilar won hoh and did her nons n she sounded like a kid playing big brother at home ,her speech sounded so fake as if she was reading it from a cue card

      • Well if pilar and ashlei would have been given the. Same powers during their hoh i guess they wouldnt be coaxing. Brit gets these insane powers that allows her to send out power players. Ashleigh had Brit or Sara going home and only the super unfair twist saved Brit not her great game play. Brit is the ONLY because of twists and that is a fact

    • Not sure I would say she’s playing the best game..but i will give her credit for being the only one to get out the big players, she deserves that credit. You can’t just go by who you got out. This game is based on social game as well, where has she done that? only really friends with sarah, later in the game, earlier on, she really didn’t have anyone that confided in her or that she confided in. She spent alot of time alone. BUT, that does not negate her getting out 3 top players, Graig, Kevin, Bruno, wllow only went up cause she was closer with sarah and britnee didn’t like that..she wanted sarah as her number one. There were to many twist s this seasons that made it that nothing you did really mattered, game play wasn’t a priority. I don’t like the bully antics that always seem to happen on all BBs makes me happy when one of those leaves. like graig, he was a bully..happy to see him gone. Bruno bully as well, glad he was gone. I hope that they got after sarah/britnee and that one of them walks out next week with the double eviction, either one would be good with me.

    • u got that so right she came to play the game & that is what she did!!! the others girls are doing what Zack tells them!!! go Brit & Sarah

    • Stupid so stupid. She was allowed to stay in the game as a pawn. Only her weakness kept her from going home. She put her up against real players because was noot a threat until BBC took over the game. WOW!

    • I totally agree! Brit deserves to win this year!
      Well said to “an Angry Canadian”! Well said!

    • Who are the better players that Zach should evict, should he take out the players that are working with him because those are the strong players. He has strong relationships in the house with everyone except god brit and sarah. He cant take Brit out because Bb has mafe that literally impossible.

  5. It’s foolish and even idiotic to claim that Big Brother is being unfair in any way. Sorry that for some of you guys your favourites have been made extinct or will be in the next week. Everyone has gotten what they deserved either by winning competitions, winning votes from Canada, or being evicted in majority votes.

    • It’s hardly idiotic to say things are “unfair.” I’d say the game itself is unfair, but so what?

      For the most part it’s indiscriminately so and BBCAN has never claimed to be a “fair game.” It’s a mix of objective “finish the fastest,” subjective “who do you want to get a power?”, and anything else production can think up to make it exciting for viewers.

      Being unfair doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad. If unfair can mean not following the rules, then why wouldn’t it be called unfair? Win HoH, win Veto, avoid the block & avoid eviction. Then suddenly the rules are flipped and changed from the regular rules.

      • Exactly!! Finally someone sees! Bog brother isnt about being Fair because technically life isn’t fair….plus it’s all about expect the unexpected and survival of the fittest if you will

  6. First love this season. The only unfair moment was at the beginning when the oldest contestant was really there to be the first eliminated. She didn’t stand a chance and she would have been interesting. I cannot stand piley. Zachary has game but buh bye. Last years contestants were loud and obnoxious so this year is refreshing. I love the twists and it really put Zachary and Bruno in there place. It’s nice to see someone’s game blow up with these surprises especially when they are so cocky.

  7. The “Fem bots” as they’re called were given this power b/c the audience wanted them to send Zach home; but the wrong person left. Looks like Canada got screwed along with Bruno. That’s why I don’t like these twists.
    I think it may be unfair, but The Diapers had HOH many times this season and could have taken them out a long time ago, they kept Brit last week only to have her win and send Kevin & Willow home. Sarah will now do the same thing to Zach, or one of them depending on pov

  8. Everyone can agree that Ashleigh was robbed of an HoH though. Not only were her nominees (all 3) taken down, but she coudn’t re-nom after. BBC is hand picking the winner this season.

  9. This might be the worst season of Big Brother (Canada and US) yet. I’ve always liked the US game better and so far watching this season nothing has been done to change my mind.

    • Really? Well I still like the Australian version, much more drama and way better personalities

  10. Everyone complaining that BBCAN isn’t fair don’t understand the concept of the game. BB was NEVER designed to be a fair game. These twists are what keeps this game interesting and fresh. You know the slogan “Expect the unexpected”? Remember how boring and predictable BBCAN1 was as Jillian and Emmet won everything? To win Big Brother is the following: a mix of a popularity contest, physical ability and intelligence. People are just mad BBCAN isn’t a clone of BBUS. BBUK is basically a popularity contest. BBCAN is original and I love the way it’s produced as it’s different from BBUS and gives the fans interaction. Also, all the twists and comps are decided even before casting is done so production don’t just make things up to keep fan favourites. So these twists are part of the game so get over it, its just a game which is designed to overcome huge challanges.

  11. Your such lying piece of sh.. You have never been to a taping but you definitely make me laugh. Guys like you kill me LOL

  12. Called it! (They kind of gave it away on the live feeds with little things Pilar said while in the HOH room with Sarah and Brit)

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