Big Brother Canada 3: Nomination Anticipation In Week 9

The Big Brother Canada 3 got a new HoH last night on the Feeds following another twisty eviction show leaving us with just six Houseguests left in the game. Ready to find out who is going up on the block?

Zach Oleynik is feeling worried on BBCAN3
Zach Oleynik is feeling worried on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Once we found out who won HoH this week it wasn’t hard to guess where things were going next. Thanks to private talks on the Feeds those suspicions were confirmed ahead of the Nomination Ceremony coming up later today.

Sarah wrested control away from the Diapers and kept it for herself and Brittnee this week with her HoH win. The obvious target? Zach. Best co-nom option to keep him up on the block? Ashleigh. Back up plan to either of them coming down? You guessed it. Pilar.

So basically that’s the week ahead of us on BBCAN3. Sarah will nominate Zach and Ashleigh with her sights set on Zach’s eviction, but if he manages to escape the block then be ready to say goodbye to either Ashleigh or Pilar next Wednesday.

We’ll keep watching the Big Brother Feeds to see what happens next and to get the official ceremony results later tonight.

If you were HoH then who would you nominate this week? Just two weeks left to go in the season and there aren’t many options to choose between as we near the finish line.