Big Brother Canada 3: Week 8 Power Rankings

Another Big Brother Canada 3 week, another 500 twists.

OK, I’m exaggerating, but I’m just really frustrated with all the twists because it makes my job almost impossible. Trying to rank these houseguests is not only hard, but pointless because everything changes so easily thanks to BBCAN3 production. Anyway, I’ll stop complaining and try to rank the remaining six HGs.

Zach Oleynik is feeling worried on BBCAN3

Big Brother Canada 3 Week 8 Power Rankings

6. Pilar. I still can’t understand why she didn’t go week one or why she’s possibly going to make it into the Top 5. I can’t think of anything else to say about her game.

5. Godfrey. I don’t even know anymore if Godfrey is any better at the game than Pilar, but right now he’s not anyone’s main target, so he’s doing a good job playing that floater game.

4. Ashleigh. I don’t think Ashleigh is a great player, but considering the other two options, let’s put her at fourth. She did win that HOH that sort of got wasted, but she’s managed to stick with the right people to get her to this point. That being said, she’s at high risk of going home this week.

3. Britnee. See above. But really, Britnee has played a really solid game. She’s good at competitions and has survived the block and been responsible for getting out several key players.

2. Sarah. I struggled with whether or not to place Britnee or Sarah second. Britnee was won more competitions but I think Sarah is the brains behind that duo. So I think this is what makes the most sense this week.

1. Zach. Yeah, I’m still going to rank Zach first. I mean he’s been the best player and the biggest threat for weeks. And Britnee and Sarah could have gotten him out on a silver platter and the switch to Bruno instead. Of course Bruno is also a huge threat, so there really was no wrong eviction choice this week. But Zach can easily win his way to the end if he doesn’t flop in the next couple of competitions.

How would you rank the BBCAN3 Top 6?