Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 9 Nomination Results

The latest results are in for Big Brother Canada spoilers as the new HoH has made the nominations formal after we heard talks and planning overnight for what they needed to happen next for their best chance at getting to the end.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations
Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

Unlike last week, these noms are for real and there won’t be any special powers to turn things upside down. Instead these noms will head to Wednesday’s eviction chopping block unless the Power of Veto gets in the way of that happening.

Sarah, this week’s HoH, didn’t have any tough choices to make this week. She knew who she wanted gone next and now she’s working on making that happen.

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 9 Nominations:

  • Ashleigh
  • Zach

There were comments in an earlier discussion that it’d be a better move to try and backdoor Zach, but keep in mind that is not possible this week. With only six Houseguests left in the game they will all be playing for the Power of Veto.

If Brittnee and Sarah can keep Zach on the block through the week then they’ll have a much improved path to finale night but if not then they’ll take his right hand woman in Ashleigh and hope for another chance later.

What do you hope will happen next? Veto Competition should be coming up soon and that can settle a lot of discussions once we know for sure if one of these noms will come down.

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