Big Brother Canada 3: Double Eviction & Special Showtime

Next week the Big Brother Canada 3 eviction episode is doubling down on its eliminations and shifting things around to make it happen next Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

Big Brother Canada 3
Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Zach looks like he’s in serious trouble this week, but even if he survives the first round of the night he could get caught in the immediate follow-on fire set for round two next Wednesday night.

Yes, two more of the remaining six Houseguests will be sent home next week leaving us with four in the game ahead of the season finale on May 27, 2015. To make sure you catch the next show you’ll need to adjust your DVRs for a special 7PM ET/PT showtime when BBCAN3 adjusts to make way for the Survivor 2015 finale airing on Global (and CBS) from 8PM-11PM ET/PT. Busy night!

Who do you think will make it to the end of the third Big Brother Canada season? We’re closing in on the big finale where someone will win $100,000 worth of Oxi-Clean, 12 Ramada points, and a 2-week supply of Pizza Pizza* to enjoy on a couch from The Brick!

*Winning Houseguest may substitute this with a 4-day supply of KFC $5 buckets.


  1. They should be able to increase the $100,000 price with all the add plugging during the show.

  2. I guess BBC starts at 7:00 on Wed. because Survivor will be 2 hours for the finale then the reunion.

  3. Well Pillar & Zach are on the block with Ashleigh winning Veto & removing herself. If the double eviction is Wednesday May 20th, then it’s a given Zach and Pillar will go? Veto showing is tonight we already know the outcome so inevitably P & Z are history on Wed!!

  4. There is no way Godfrey will keep Zach if he wants to go full steam to take the next Veto & HOH, which I believe is all he is waiting for. The only one to stand in his way is Zach, unfortunately Pillar is caught up in the instant eviction!

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