Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

After over twelve hours of down Feeds the latest Power of Veto competition spoilers were revealed for Big Brother Canada 3 and it looks like the new HoH will have to make some tough decisions.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

Nominations came in on Friday, a day late, and then the Veto comp started in the evening but it wasn’t until the next morning when fans could watch the Feeds again. Last week it took over seven hours for the Veto comp. This week put that to shame. It was like someone telling you “go find something else to do” and I’m guessing a lot of folks will after treatment like that.

With all the fallout well settled and Houseguests fast asleep Feedsters had to wait until HGs were moving around again to discover who won the Veto…

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Ashleigh won the Power of Veto and as one of Sarah’s nominees you know she’ll use it.

That will leave an empty spot next to Zach and Sarah will have to pick between Pilar and Godfrey. Zach is going to tell Sarah that Godfrey will vote to keep Zach if she puts up Pilar in hopes that could force Godfrey to the block instead of Pili. Think it’ll work?

What do you think will happen at the Power of Veto Ceremony coming up?


  1. With the up a coming double eviction night. In my opinion that she (Sarah) should put up God up there so there will be only all girls left to battle it out. Then they can say that their has bin an all girls alliance at the end LOL

    • Lol hey that’s not a bad idea…but I don’t think they want to risk putting Godfrey up on the block since that would mean the two girls in the diaper alliance would vote Godfrey out and Zach has a chance to win HOH during double eviction

  2. Pillar is going up fosho, Brit & Sarah have their minds made up, either way Zach or Pillar gone will give them the numbers. With the double eviction both of them will be gone little do they know! Thinking Godfrey is waiting for the last competitions he has hidden his smarts so well, Brit & Sarah want to go to the end together no matter what. They also believe they have Godfrey’s vote to oust Zach, and he sure will, he already said it. He is very sketchy but a thinker and a dangerous one, got this far and did absolutely nothing, he wants to win the next HOH & Veto and Zach is the only one in his way!!! lol

  3. I see people continue to say that Godfrey has done nothing and that is untrue! He was a target pretty early on when he won a veto and saved himself, he then hid in the shadows and let people go after each other. I think this is a great strategy!

  4. Sadly, I don’t think Brittany will win the game. Does she deserve to win? Heck yes! Will she win? Probably not. If Godfrey is as smart as I think he is, he knows that once Zach is gone, Brittany is the biggest threat. Being in the BB jury doesn’t mean you vote your best friend to win. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens. But as witnessed in many seasons of BB US and Canada, the jury does vote for who played the best game and if Brittany sat next to anyone, she would or at least should win. I’ve been reading so many of you posting that Brittany is weak and is only in the house because of the “unfair” twists. Ok, great, glad people think there’s nepotism, there’s always someone who thinks that someone else’s well deserved success is unfair. Anyways, anyone who is a super fan knows that most pawns go home. But to be a pawn who is a pawn regularly, requires skill, both socially and to play the game. Most pawns are thought of as weak, with no game or social skills and are disposed of as soon as their usefulness is gone. But to be a true pawn, means that you’re trusted. Trusted not to make big moves and trusted to just go along quietly with what the majority says and wants and that when your time comes to leave you’ll give up without a fight. I don’t know about the rest of Canada but to do what Brittany has done is impressive. She earned the houses trust to use her as a pawn and that she was just along for the ride with the majority of the house. She created an image of herself where she allowed herself to be underestimated. Then, twists or no twists, she showed everyone. First with Graig. This girl has won comps, she has fought hard, she has put up with a lot of people trying to get her out, she has also dealt with the alienation and isolation from the “popular” side of the house. Essentially this season has been like a rewind back to high school. There’s the jocks – Zach, Bruno and Bobby, class president – Kevin, mean girls – Ashleigh, Willow and Pilar ( yeah, I said it. Mean girls. Pilar is as fake as Kim Kardashians butt. ) , outsiders – Brittany, Godfrey and Sarah. The jocks, populars, and mean girls ALWAYS gang up on those they don’t feel deserve to be in their group and they did exactly that. But at the end of the day it’s always the “outsiders” who are the most successful. Usually they are the ones who are bullied and told they’d be nothing but they are usually the ones who end up as CEOs, presidents of billion dollar companies, invent new technological advancements and find cures for things. In this game, it’s those three who are on top. Even if Brittany doesn’t win, Godfrey or Sarah will and again it proved the point to not underestimate the outsiders. They’ve done something right because they’re still there and everyone else isn’t. Give Zach and Ashleigh ten years, they’ll be serving fast food at a drive they for minimum wage, not so cool then hey? Haters hate but Brittany, Godfrey and Sarah DESERVE to be in the final, especially Brittany. You go girl! Way to go underdogs!

    • no Britney does NOT deserve to win Sarah and her were carried by Canada and the producers the Zach or Godfrey deserve to win

      • Obviously you haven’t been watching the show. Because then you would see what Brittany had accomplished ASIDE FROM the twists. Lol She’s made moves that whack Zach hasn’t had the guts to. She’s won things without twists and she’s made moves without twists. What moves has Zach made? But keep on hating! 🙂 Thanks! I’ll be the one smiling Wednesday when Whack Zach goes out the door and Brittany is Final 5. 😉

        • oh i have been watching she won the triple eviction hoh then she got the 2 safes then they did a luck challenge so that they would likely win again.

          • Actually to be correct, she also won HOH long before that when she used it to get out Graig. Clearly you haven’t been watching. At least get your facts straight. It won’t matter anyway because Brittany will be Final 4, then Final 3 at the very least. Regardless of what you think, Brittany did and is kicking but and not just because of twists either. It’s a fact. But again, thanks for proving my point.

  5. Ranking of the players

    1. Zach he was playing the game flawlessly until production came and messed it up. He was playing like derrick.

    2. Godfrey he is playing Dr.Will bb2 style.

    3. Ashly she has been Zach’s puppet but has only been nominated a few times.

    4. Pillar she has done nothing but she also has not been helped by canada or production

    5. Brittny she has won a few hohs but she has been dragged by Canada and production she does not deserve to be in the f6.

    6. Sarah she has won 1 hoh only and has been dragged by Canada and production she does not deserve to be in the f6.

    • Zach’s flaw in the game was nominating Jordan, his one and only ally, instead of going after Bobby and Bruno. He won POV that same week which would have allowed backdooring Bobby but he felt too scared to pull it off and decided to keep his nominations the same.

      It’s one thing to have legitimate power where you actually call the shots, it’s another to play behind the scenes.

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