Tonight on Big Brother Canada 3: HoH & Nominations – Week 9

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we pick up with ‘100 Minutes of Hell’ as five Houseguests compete for the next Head of Household and after last week’s crazy twist play no one should be feeling too safe going in to this competition.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

Bruno was caught in a twist blindside and sent to Jury after Brittnee took complete control over the entire week’s game. Now the numbers are coming down on Zach’s side and he’s got to move fast if he wants to survive another ten days to make it to the finale.

Along with the HoH competition we’ll see nominations made official as we get set up for the Power of Veto competition. With all the down time from the Feeds let’s hope something interesting was going on in there that we’ll get to see soon.

There are plenty more Big Brother Canada spoilers beyond who won HoH with the nomination results if you can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Want to know now? Check our BBCAN3 spoilers board here and get all the latest spoilers and results from inside the house.

Join us back here tonight at 7/6c and chat throughout the show.


  1. Based on the feeds at the moment, looks like we’re in for an interesting luxury task for this week, assuming that them wearing mankinis and practicing on a certain dance routine is one.

    And yes, I avoided spoilers post-HOH throughout the weekend just so I could manage to keep my suspense at an all-time high. Excited for this week! 🙂

  2. I really don’t understand this twists Ashley’s hoh was a waste because Brittany got all the power thats no fair but whatever I really do not know what to say I am pissed

    • I can relate to that. Personnally I thought it was too late for that kind of twist. It should have come before the triple eviction when there was 10 people in the house.

      • its almost like they made them the underdogs even Canada voted them as have nots so what now do Ashley or Zach get a power? No Then to me it smells funny

        • We’ve seen “coup d’ etat” in USBB, but the timing when they execute it here was a little late. A lot of the players have already worked their a*s off to get where they’re at…and …gone. lol..I enjoyed watching it though.. dramatic.

          • It was a double whammy, back to back. Kevin my favorite player was barely starting his game and I wanted to see more of his game, but he was a casualty of that “twister”

          • His mistake was getting rid of a non threat in Bobby instead of Brittany or Sarah. But when you dont get blood on your hands thats what happens. Im just glad Sindy isn’t going to win it personally. What a dumb move on her part. She gets rid of her biggest ally just to prove she can swing the votes, brilliant strategy.

    • I agree. Every time something didn’t go Sarah’s way, she would start bawling like a little child with a skinned knee. I have a one year old that hasn’t cried as much as she did. But they are basically gift wrapping the $100000 to Brittany and Sarah. And what really pisses me off is Brittany doesn’t even live in Canada. I hate them both.

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