Bruno Ielo enters the Big Brother Canada 3 cast as the season’s construction worker looking to put an extra $100K in his pocket before he heads back home to Ottawa.

Bruno Ielo - Brother Brother Canada 3 Houseguest

Coming to Big Brother Canada makes him the first Houseguest from Ottawa, but no pressure, right? Speaking of being the season’s construction guy, Bruno looks up to Adel’s style in the game and his friendship with Paul while admitting Paul had a terrible game. Yeah, that’s true.

If Bruno wins the money he’s bringing it all home for the kids’ school funds. He’ll be missing his wife and two young boys while in the house, but credits his wife’s strong support and push to get him to try out for being on Big Brother Canada.

Bruno Ielo isn’t worried about either the physical or mental challenges but does worry being colorblind could give him some trouble along the way. We’ll have to see if that throws out any roadblocks for this BBCAN3 Houseguest.