Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 4/05/2018

Big Brother Canada Week 6 HOH Comp

Big Brother Canada 6 reaches the half-way point on tonight’s episode. Likely, the player who goes home tonight becomes the first member of the Big Brother Canada 6 jury. The other player must try his hardest not to become the second member of the jury.

All week, the players have flipped and flopped between voting out Merron and Ryan. It’s starting to create a divide between the remaining houseguests. It is not an even divide because it’s pretty much Ali, Derek, Kaela against everyone else. We expect the votes to reflect this during tonight’s live vote.

If Kaela, Ali, and Derek don’t want to be the next players picked off, they really need to win this all important Head of Household competition.

So who left tonight? Read on to find out.

BBCAN6 Week 5.5 Eviction Vote:

Now that the drama between Ryan and Ali caused a big wave, Merron might have a chance to stay in the game. Can Merron use this riff to save his Big Brother Canada 6 game?

Kaela and Ali want Ryan out the game because they don’t like him. However, Ryan works on Erica by creating paranoia that Merron is working with Kaela and Derek.

Ali VTE Ryan

Derek VTE Ryan

Johnny VTE Merron

Kaela VTE Ryan

Maddy VTE Merron

Olivia VTE Merron

Paras VTE Merron

Will VTE Merron

Merron is evicted from the Big Brother Canada 6 house by 5 to 3.

BBCAN6 Week 6 Head of Household Competition:

For this week’s Head of Household competition, players must keep their arm extended on a button. The player to keep his or her hand on the button the longest wins this week’s Head of Household competition. The button’s height has been adjusted to reflect the player’s height. The competition will also involve players being tempted to get them to drop out of it.

Update: Spoilers are in! Find out who won HOH this week!

Of course, the episode ended without us seeing who won, so join us later to find out the results. Then come back Monday for the full recap of the competition.

At the end of the episode, Arisa also announced a new twist. Starting this week, Canada has the power to save a nominee. They can either vote to save one player, or decide not to save anyone. If they choose to save no one this week, then the voting transfer to the next week.

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