Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Drama in the Big Brother House!

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Drama in the Big Brother House!

Yesterday there was some drama on the Big Brother Canada 6 live feeds. It all started when Paras confronted Ali and Olivia in the red rose room about something that Ryan told her. It then turned into Ali confronting Ryan which turned into an all out war! Keep reading to find out what happened!

Ryan had made a pack with Paras that he would always go to her and tell her if he suspects anyone is speaking ill of her. Well, that happened yesterday in the Big Brother Canada house when Ryan told Paras that he overheard Ali talking to Olivia at the pool table. He overheard her tell Olivia, “I don’t trust that b****” and when he told Paras this, he wasn’t expecting what was coming next.

Ryan expected that Paras would keep the information to herself and use it to her advantage later in the game, but instead, she went to Ali and Liv to find out if what Ryan told her was true. Ali and Liv obviously denied talking about Paras and even after Paras left the room, they still denied saying anything. Paras and Johnny left the room and she asked him if there was anything said about her and after a brief conversation, she realizes that Ryan was clearly lying.

A little later, Ali, Erica, Ryan and a few others are all in the white rose room and Ali confronts Ryan. She calls him out for spreading these things around the house. He tells her that he knows in the last 24 hours, she has tried to get him out the door and she takes that comment as his way of confessing to trying to make her look bad because she is trying to get him out.

She tells him that she was actually leaning towards keeping him after their conversation where he apologized to her. Now, he can forget it because of this. Johnny brings up that maybe there is a chance that she said it in a joking way, but she swears on her mother’s life that she didn’t say anything like that at all. Ryan tells her that if this is a misunderstanding, he apologizes, but he is pretty sire he heard what he heard.

Needless to say, Ali is angry at Ryan and after Ali tells them all that she is done and walks out the door, Ryan tells everyone in the room that “She can say what she wants, but I know what I heard.” Ryan is a little worried about his game at this point because everyone is believing Ali at this point because she swore on her mother’s life. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm either story because the cameras weren’t on the pool table at the time this was supposedly said. Who do you believe? Ali or Ryan? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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