Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 13 Recap: The Pawn Game Gone Wrong

On Monday, Big Brother Canada 6 current Head of Household Erica decided to play it safe by naming two outcast for eviction. No one really cares or likes Merron or Ryan enough to be too sad about their evictions, and Erica considers them floaters. After evicting two huge targets in Veronica and Hamza, Erica wanted a week of no drama. Surprisingly, this week has been full of it.

Going into the week, Erica saw Merron as a slightly more threatening player. It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll win any or many comps, nor does he have any real allies, but he comes across as a player easy to beat in the end. This may mean that anyone going up against him on the block will go out before him.

This makes him a dangerous opponent to someone dominating the competitions like Erica. Ryan has a little more competition prowess but people find him irritating and annoying, which means no one will want him in the game that long, so he will go home eventually.

With the Power of Veto still yet to be played, Erica could change her mind and go for a bigger physical threat.

BBCAN6 Power of Veto Competition:

Ryan and Merron really need this Power of Veto win, because at this point, they’re interchangable and expendable to the remaining Big Brother Canada houseguests. Will one of them pull it off?

The players picked to play in the Power of Veto are Ali, Maddy, and Johnny. They will play along with Erica, Merron, and Ryan.

For the Power of Veto:

They must fill orders and deliver them to certain doors. Some of the orders are missing details, so they have to skip them and come back later. The player to deliver all the orders correctly and the fastest wins Veto. Ali goes first and does pretty well. Maddy basically flops. The rest do all right, and Merron does pretty well but then flops at the end.

Merron, Ryan, and Maddy all place in the bottom.

Johnny wins the Power of Veto and $5,000.

BBCAN Power of Veto Ceremony:

Now that the Big Brother Canada 6 Power of Veto took place, will the holder use it?

Johnny talks to everyone to see if he should make a big move by using his Veto or keep the nominations  the same. Olivia seems to want Johnny to use the veto on Merron to ensure Ryan’s eviction. In the end, Johnny decides not to use the veto.

Tomorrow either Ryan or Merron will leave the Big Brother Canada house.

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