Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 12 Recap: Double Eviction Fallout

Big Brother Canada 6 Merron and Hamza

Last week, the Big Brother Canada 6 players took out both Veronica and Hamza. This left Merron without any allies and a sitting duck. Going into the second half of week 5, it was basically do or die. Thursday’s emotional and dramatic double eviction ended without us seeing who won the Head of Household.

Tonight’s episode shows the fall out of that event, and who takes power. Going into tonight’s episode, viewers can almost expect Merron or Ryan to be one of the nominees–if they don’t win Head of Household. Right now those two are the odd men out. However, they’re very low on the threat category.

It would almost be pointless to take one of them out this week with so many bigger threats in the horizon.

BBCAN6 Week 5.5 Head of Household Competition:

The Head of Household competition could change one player’s fate–it could reenergize their game or almost seal the end of it. The only players not in much danger this week is Will and Johnny. Everyone else has created some type of target, due to alliances, physical prowess, or strategic strength.

So everyone could really use a win this week.

Before the Head of Household competition, the houseguests get drunk and party. Merron is the only one who doesn’t really get drunk because he suspects that they might have to get up early for the HOH competition.

They were woken up early to answer true or false questions about things that happened last night with the fratboy that entered. The first four out became Have-Nots.

Round 1-Merron is the first one out.

Round 2-Kaela is the second one out.

Round 3-Ali is the third one out

Round 4-Everyone got it right

Round 5-Will, Ryan, Johnny, Paras and Derek are out.

This leaves Maddy and Erica. The first head to head they tie, but second head to head, Erica wins.

Erica is the new Head of Household!!

Merron, Ali, and Kaela are Have-Nots. Erica must pick the fifth and she picks Johnny because he hasn’t been a HN yet.

BBCAN6 Week 5.5 Nominations:

When playing Big Brother, you have to decide whether you’re going to be a sheep or make a statement. Sheep last longer in the game, but statements are the stuff of legends. Will this week’s Head of Household try to become a legend or pick the sheep game by making easy nominations.

Erica tells Merron that everyone sees him as the ultimate pawn. Anyone that goes up next to him will go home. Merron then tries to shift target to Will, saying the fill a similar place: no one will go home next to him either.

In the end, Erica nominates Ryan and Merron for eviction!

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