Big Brother Canada 6 Poll: Who Will be Evicted this Week? (POLL)

Big Brother Canada 6 Poll Who Will be Evicted this Week (POLL)

We now know who the final nominees this week on Big Brother Canada are after the Veto Ceremony yesterday and there has been come talks about who will be going home this week. Which HG do you think will be going home this week on Big Brother Canada? Let me know in the poll below!

Erica is in the HOH for the second time this season and her original nominees this week were Merron and Ryan. Ali, Johnny and Maddy joined them in this week’s POV Comp and in the end, Johnny won the POV. There had been talks that he would not be using the POV on Merron or Ryan and after the POV ceremony, we found out for sure that he didn’t use the POV. Leaving Merron and Ryan on the block.

Based on the talks in the house, it sounds like there is a good chance that this is going to be a split vote this week with Erica being the deciding vote. Ryan played a very aggressive game to start off and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way from the start, but he has managed to fix some of those relationships in the past couple weeks. Merron came into the house a week later than the rest and you would think that people wouldn’t trust the new guy, but he has made some connections within the house over the last few weeks also.

Will put a bug in Erica’s ear that Merron said he was going to target her if he won the next HOH and Maddy has told Ryan that he should tell Erica that if he wins the next HOH, Derek and Kaela will be his targets. In order to sway her into keeping him in the house. He has also made a deal with Ali and Olivia that he won’t be putting either of them up if he wins the HOH.

Merron took some time to talk to Johnny yesterday before the POV Meeting and Johnny asked Merron how he felt being on the block with Ryan. He tells him that the only thing that bothers him being on the block with Ryan is that he is really good with his words. During this conversation he also tells Johnny that the people in the house shouldn’t be so quick to trust him because he is good at this game. Him and Johnny also talked about how comfortable Ryan is in the house. Merron doesn’t think that they will keep Ryan over him, but he needs to remember that anything can happen. Merron tells him that he is going to do some campaigning, but he isn’t going to be annoying about it. In the end, Johnny didn’t use the Veto, so do you think that Merron is a little more worried?

If you were in Erica’s position, who would you vote to evict? Who do you think is the stronger player? Let me know by voting in my poll below!

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