Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 3/29/2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa Cox

It’s Double Eviction day on Big Brother Canada 6! Woot. Emotions and energy will be at level 400 as we watch one Head of Household competition, one Veto comp, and two live evictions. This is also (most likely), the last two evictions before jury starts, so everyone will be fighting twice as hard to make it to the half-way point.

Before we can get to the Double Eviction fun, we have to get out either Merron or Veronica. Yesterday, we watched Erica blindside and surprise nominate Veronica. Now Veronica has to do whatever it takes to keep herself in the Big Brother Canada game.

We’ll see Veronica go balls to the wall to stay alive, and get her revenge on Erica. Can she pull off an upset?

BBCAN6 Week 4 Eviction Vote:

Veronica has a house meeting to try to save herself from eviction, and Paras likes it. She then tries to campaign some to keep Veronica in the game

Did Veronica’s hard campaigning actually save her game, or is she too risky of a player to keep in the house? Let’s see where the houseguests voted for the first evicion.

Ali VTE Veronica

Derek VTE Veronica

Paras VTE Veronica

Kaela VTE Veronica

Hamza VTE Veronica

Olivia VTE Veronica

Ryan VTE Veronica

Will VTE Merron

Johnny VTE Veronica

Maddy VTE Veronica

BBCAN6 Week 5 Head of Household Competition:

Who can hold their composure long enough to pull out this critical double eviction win? This could be the biggest Head of Household of the season, since it may set the tone for the rest of the game. For the HOH,

It’s a head to head HOH. They must pick answers that are either 1 or 2.

Round #1: Ali vs Olivia-Olivia wins
Round #2 Ryan Vs Merron-Ryan wins
Round #3 Maddy vs Olivia-Olivia wins
Round #4 Paras vs Hamza-Paras wins
Round #5 Johnny vs Ryan-Ryan wins
Round #6 Oliva vs Paras-Olivia wins

Round #7-Ryan vs Kaela-Ryan wins
Round #8-Olivia vs Derek-Olivia wins
Round #9-Will vs Ryan-Ryan wins
Round 10-Olivia vs Ryan-Olivia wins

Olivia is the new HOH!!!

BBCAN6 Week 5 Nominations:

Will the Head of Household winner play it safe or take a big aim? In Big Brother, if you’re going to take aim at a big player, then you better make sure you don’t miss your shot.

Ali and Olivia discuss nominating Maddy and Merron, and then getting Maddy out. However, Johnny enters after and tells Olivia she promised not to take out Maddy.

Olivia nominates Ryan and Merron

BBCAN6 Week 5 Power of Veto:

These two nominees really need the win with the house always shifting and switching at the drop of a dime.

The POV is a pinball style game. The players are Ryan, Merron, Olivia, Paras, Ali, and Hamza.

Ryan wins the Veto!!!

With Ryan winning the POV, he will use it to save himself.

Olivia names Hamza as a replacement nominee!

BBCAN6 Week 5 Eviction Vote:

After an eventful night, we say goodbye to another player. With little time to strategize, where will the votes fall?

Erica VTE Merron

Kaela VTE Hamza

Derek VTE Hamza

Maddy VTE Hamza

Johnny VTE Hamza

Will VTE Hamza

Ryan VTE Hamza

Paras VTE Hamza

Ali VTE Hamza

Hamza has been evicted

Make sure to join us later tonight to see who wins the next Head of Household competition. Download our app to stay updated on all the Big Brother Canada 6 news.