Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 10 Recap: Power of Veto Blindside

Big Brother Canada 6 Veronica

On Monday, Erica became the new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada 6. She debated whether to make a ‘big’ move or a safe move; a safe one would involve nominating more neutral players like Maddy and Merron going up on the block. A big move would be going after a showmance, a strategic threat, or a physical one.

Currently, the biggest physical threats are Hamza, Erica, and Veronica. Erica by far is the most dominate physical player right now, so her getting out one of the other physical threats would help her game immensely. Hamza and Erica are very close,  so he wasn’t an option this week (despite his attempts to get on the block). This left Veronica as the best target for Erica.

However, on Monday’s episode, Erica made safe nominations. She put Maddy and Merron to go on the block, with Maddy as the target. Tonight, the Big Brother Canada 6 Power of Veto gives Erica a second chance to make a bigger game. Will she do it?

BBCAN6 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition:

The war paint is on, and everyone’s ready to go hard or go home in this week’s Power of Veto competition. Will someone win and shake things up, or are we end for a predictable first eviction on Thursday?

The Veto players picked are Ryan, Ali, and Olivia. Ali and Olivia seriously discuss using the Veto to go after Veronica.

This competition involved different rounds, for the first round they had to unrolling themselves from sets of poles. Olivia is the first to make it to round two. Next followed by Erica. It comes down to Ali and Maddy. Maddy pulls ahead and takes the last spot.

For the second round, they had to maneuver a spinning wheel with their body to pull a fish. The first player to get a fish wins Veto. This competition is intense to watch, and exhausting for everyone.

Maddy starts to get ahead, but Erica comes back and wins.

Erica wins the POV!!

BBCAN6 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Ali and Olivia have a game talk with Veronica, but it’s all part of their plan to trick Veronica into saying something that they can use to get her on the block. Erica has different meetings and people encourage her to make a big move.

Big moves are exciting television, but they aren’t always the best move for the current HOH. If Erica takes a shot at Veronica and misses, this could put her game in the danger zone going into tomorrow’s live double eviction.

Erica is conflicted about using the Veto because everyone wants her to make this move, but she’s not sure if it’s the best one for her.

Erica ultimately decides to use the Veto. She takes Maddy off the block, and Veronica goes up on it.

Tomorrow either Veronica or Merron will go home. Someone else will soon join them.

Join us tomorrow for the exciting Big Brother Canada 6 double eviction.

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